It's Just One Of Those Days

I do enjoy a cheeky tag now & again and this one I stole from Caz is short & sweet, perfect!

Age: 20    Bed size: Double    Height: 6'2

Chores you hate: Hoovering, it's boring & loud.


Dogs: In theory I'd love a dog but in reality I'm far too self absorbed to cope with the stress of looking after a dog!

Essential Start to your day: A shower, I can't get dressed or leave the house without one.


Favourite colour: Pink, the best colour!

Gold or Silver: Hmm in regards to jewellery I usually wear silver but when it comes to belts/detailing on bags & things, I do enjoy a bit of gold.


Instruments I play: I wish! I am unfortunately talentless in all aspects of life ;)

Job Title: I agree with Caz, working in a shop & getting staff discount is like my student dream. Unfortunately it would appear no one will hire me! So no current job title as of yet.


Kids: Perhaps I should change my name to Broody? I adore babies & children! Their endless imagination, dependency, cheeky grins, genuine wonderment, delicateness mixed with robust invincibility & boundless energy is just too adorable for words. I realise that having no children, I now sound like a peado...shit son.

Live: Teesside/Leeds   Mum's Name: Dianne   Nickname: Steph/Steff

leighton meeeeest 2

One wish: Endless amounts of money so I can shop 'til I drop & then get back up & do it all over again!

Pet Peeve: People who don't have any manners & people who stick their nose in other people's business.

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Quote from a Movie: Oh god, film quotes make up 80% of my conversation! But since I have this GIF, "RUN BITCH RUUUUN!"

Right or Left handed: Right.


Siblings: 2 Brothers who are 13 & 11 & a sister who's 5. Bane of my existence!

Time you wake up: Depending on when I go to bed, around 10. I think I've finally conquered my nocturnal habits.


Underwear: Usually mismatched.

Vegetables you dislike: Sprouts are disgusting.


What makes you run late: I'm usually late, it's a bad habit of mine. The main reason is usually being indecisive about what to wear or I spend too much time online & don't give myself enough time to get ready. Oops?

X-Rays you've had done: My teeth, my chest & my hips (although they were supposed to be fixing my knees).


Yummy food you make: I make home made wedges at least once a week as they are amazing. The only other thing I make is cake & that's rare!

Zoo Animals: Off point but I don't like zoos, I'm not even an animal fanatic but I still think it's cruel & unnecessary to keep animals cooped up for entertainment purposes. Favourite animal is probably the giraffe though as they're giant & fancy.
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  1. haha i never leave myself enough time to get ready either, meaning i'm always late/look like shit! can't stop laughing at that gif haha what film is it from?! xx

  2. haha, i love that iphone text message. I think its appropriate for my boyfriend, it's always "i'll be 5 minutes" xo

  3. I really like that song. & this is a cool post. Giraffes are my favorite animal too! :)

  4. so glad I'm not alone on usually mis-matched undies!

  5. I love posts like these. I'm the opposite of late, my husband jokes that I will set off 45 minutes early for a ten minute drive to the next town! x

  6. Great post, I love all the pics that accompany it :) I agree with daisychain, I'd be worried if I left the house in matching undies!

    Love D xx

  7. I love this post so much! Great images to go along with it all. Laughed so hard at the "shit son" comment, and I'm always late too for the same reasons. :-X ugh. As for "talentless in all aspects of life" Puhhh-lease my dear. Who do you think you're kidding ;)

  8. @KLEE - Apparently people who run late burn up more energy so I just see it as exercise ;) LOL it's from Scary Movie!

    @Jenna Suth - Oh dear, I do feel terrible when I keep people waiting but I can't seem to help it.

    @thomessa - Thanks lovely, I adore that song, it's been on repeat since I first heard it.

    @daisychain - It's the only way to go ;) although weirdly matching today!

    @CameronPoe2409 - Eep! I don't know how you do it, I hate being early & having to wait around.

    @Niesey x - LOL thanks lovely! Mismatching is more fun anyway. - Kidding? No one! Check me out LOLL better late than never though hey? Thanks bb

  9. I'm always late too, whoops. Mis-matched underwear is the only way forward and all my movie quotes lately seem to be from Mean Girls!


  10. You have to share your wedges recipe as no matter what I do, mine are so sucky. And haha @ the kids thing lol xx