Addicted To Shopping

Although I now have 3 denim shirts, I've been looking for a denim jacket for the longest time but the only ones I've seen have been too expensive or in awful lengths/washes. The one from Faith 21 is perfect but I don't know if it would fit and I'm not willing to pay insane shipping prices to find out!

Anyway, I was in H&M the other day and decided to take a wander into the BiB section, I can't believe I've never looked in there before. There was a stand with jeggings, jeans and denim shirts and everyone who walked past was stopping to rifle through only to turn away disappointed when they realised they weren't in the regular section, always a good sign! I found several things I like but fell in love with this denim jacket and had to have it! From trying several things on, I think the line runs a bit small in comparison to the main range. I have dresses from the main range which fit fine yet some things I had to try 2 sizes bigger.

£24.99, H&M

Last week I got these fake UGGs from Primark as they were £5 and winter didn't seem to be disappearing any time soon.
4 days later and they'd pretty much fallen apart. They let me return them and as there wasn't any left, I got these lace ups. I'm actually glad they broke as I love these so much more. They're cute and comfy, I may have to grab another pair before they disappear.
£8, Primark

Trawling through the Evans sale rail, I caught a glimpse of this skirt and was hoping it was in my size and was a reasonable price (the Evans sale isn't usually much of a sale in my eyes). I almost jumped for joy when not only was it in my size, but it was reduced to £3! Needless to say I made a break for the till.

Back view

Grabbed any bargains recently?


  1. The skirt is amazing!

    A few weeks ago I got a top on Dorothy Perkins for £7 instead of £40!

  2. Really love that denim jacket - had a few of them recently :)

  3. I love that skirt! I've been searching high and low for it, I couldn't find it on Evans website
    :(. I love those lace up shoes, I'm gonna have to hit up primark :)

  4. Loving the skirt! Total bargain.

    Agree with H&M sizing, it's all over the place!

  5. Yay, Love shopping! Nice bargains! :D the pink color on the skirt is bangin'. All my latest buys have been on SALES. I'm very proud of myself...hehehe...

  6. @ LaCara - I think it's a last season skirt because it was the only one left :/

    @ Jennifer - lmao I love sales, it's kinda bad where I've got to the point that I'm dubious about buying things full price!