Making It Work: Primark Edition

If you haven't heard of the term 'make it work' in regards to plus size fashion, then you're missing out! It goes against every rule about finding clothes that fit your body type and 'flatter' your figure but is a great way to expand on your wardrobe and find things for your style that may not be available within plus size ranges. If you haven't already check out Gabi's guide to making it work.

I feel that a good basic tip for determining whether an item is going to fit or not is to know your body type and know the shop.

What I mean by this is, I'm an apple shape (or an inverted triangle) which basically means I'm top heavy. Ignoring all of the rules which say what I shouldn't wear on the top half, when it comes to shopping I know that I'm going to have an easier time looking for things to wriggle on to my bottom half than my top due to my wide back/shoulders and arms. Due to this I tend to gravitate towards skirts. My best friend on the other hand is a pear shape so gravitates towards tops which may be more form fitting on the top but flow out over the hips ensuring a good fit.

Now about knowing the shop, this obviously isn't essential if you're able to visit the store and check out/try on pieces for yourself but it does help and comes in handy with online shopping. As this is eventually leading up to Primark, I will say that their sizing is inconsistent throughout and even within the same garment, their tops seem to run on the short and small side too. On the other hand, H&M main range sizing tends to run quite big and is generally forgiving (unlike their BiB range!).

Primark is every students dream, on trend clothing at ridiculously cheap prices. So it's a shame that their clothing stops at a UK18. Not that this has deterred me before! If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed my tweet about a size 12, £2 skirt. I've been wanting a black tube skirt for a while, so I was beyond excited to come across one for £2! The downside being there was only two size 10's and a size 12. Determined to take one home, I grabbed a size 12 and went to the changing room and it fit! I managed to grab a grey one when I was in Leeds along with these other skirts:

I tried the grey skirt and the black with purple flowers in an 18 and found they weren't tight enough in the leg so went down to a 14 & 16 respectively. All of the skrits have lots of stretch and cost between £2 + £7 so I strongly suggest going to Primark and nabbing a bargain. When I can find them I'm determined to grab some of the £5 summer dresses I've seen in the blogging world.

Has anyone bought anything cute from Primark recently?


  1. i can totally relate with your advice... i also have an apple shaped figure... i have absolutely NO hips lolz... therefore i can buy my bottoms at smaller sized shops... but for better fitting more flattering tops i have to shop in the plus size department... its a bit of a tough challenge getting dressed everyday... but u've really got me pumped to start dressing the way I want to again, because for a while i became really insecure about how disproportionate i am :( so i avoided all my favorite skinny jeans and shorts... but i see that you are totally right... no one says we have to dress accordingly... if i like something... i'm going to wear it, period. :) now if only they had a Primark in California lolz

  2. I think I have a hourglass shape. I got a smaller waist and big bottom and top. I have hips and ass so I can't wear low cut jeans, no way hehe. and I often have a problem with clothes IN MY size that just doesn't fit still, because of my boobs or arms...sometimes very annoying, esp. if it's the biggest size they have, but if not I just get a bigger size, as long as the clothes fit comfortable and you like it, it's aaaaall good ;) I wear over-sized shirts and tops even tho I should wear something that brings out my waist instead of covers it, but...I don't care ;) sometimes.

    ps. the skirts looks real nice!

  3. Grr, I can only shop straight sizes for tops. I'm not a pear, I'm closer to an hour glass, but these hips of mines won't work in any straight size bottoms, but it doesn't stop me from trying! :D Cute skirts though!

  4. I'm an hour glass too...but I'll definitely go to Primark and try on some of their skirts. But it is always packed! I would love to buy things from Primark, because their prices are heaven sent.

  5. Such pretty skirts - and for great prices too :) I haven't bought anything from Primark since I'm here in the US :( But it'll be on my list of stores to check out the next time I'm in the UK!

  6. @ the EyeZuh - That's so good to hear! :D seriously, rock those skinny jeans and shorts! I have this bubble he coat which makes me look like a giant lollipop but I wear it anyway haha.

    @ Jennifer - I think the hourglass shape is the best, like Scarlett Johansson, so feminine! Although I imagine it'll be the hardest to dress as clothing is rarely cut like that! As long as the clothes fit and are comfortable - exactly!

    @ NikStar - Never admit defeat! ;) I think it'd be more fun being a pear, my friend is able to pull off tube skirts so much better than I can because they fit tight.

    @ LaCara - Oh I know! It's like a mass jumble sale, when I was in Leeds most people were at work so it wasn't too bad and when I'm at home I go in at about 10:30am on a Monday as it's completely dead lmao. I avoid it like the plague on a Saturday! I think the worst bit about Primark is that if you see things on blogs/in magazines you can never find them in store!

    @ Audrey Allure - Definitely do! Most of the time there's things in which are exact replicas of clothing in New Look/Topshop but at less than half the price. Sure the quality isn't amazing but when you can get tops for £1.50 it doesn't really matter!

  7. I am sooo desperatly wanting to go to primark, I really hope that there will be the possibilty to make a daytrip to Bremen (where one of the two Primaks in Germany is) during easter holidays!

  8. I am an apple shape too. I can sometimes find an 18 for the bottoms,(very rare though) where I am a 22/24 on the top!

    I am jealous of the black tube skirt.. Why are they so hard to find?! I've been looking for one everywhere, surely they should be a wardrobe staple that are sold everywhere?!

    I find Primark size ridiculous! I have a size 18 pair of linen trousers from there, yet the sequin leggings I tried on in an 18 at the weekend doesn't fit?! WEIRD. H&M BiB is weird too, I find there sizes extremely small?!

    Nice post, I might try and find that tube skirt ;-)