When You Believe

Like the majority of my twitter time line, tonight I watched ‘Jodie Marsh - Bullied: My Secret Past’. The experiences of not only those on the show but people on twitter has left me enraged to say the least. I tried to write a post but it got ridiculously out of hand and ultimately it's not about me. I can't put into words how much it upsets me that people have to suffer through this. I'm reposting this video because I think it's something everyone needs to see. Bullying is disgusting and no one has the right to take your happiness away.


  1. I didn't watch that programme but I completely agree with you about bullying, I was bullied a lot at school and on one instance was even happy slapped (and it was recorded by about 30 people) because I apparently said something about a girls auntie (I didn't...and she knew it) but she just took a dislike to me. I'd never even spoke to the girl, I didn't know her and she didn't know me so I still assume to this day that it may have been because of my red (or ginger) hair.

    Secondary school was such a bad time in my life because as well as the constant bullying, both of my grandparents got lung cancer and passed away within two years of each other, my parents split up (although they are now back together) and I ended up skipping school a lot and walking for hours on end around the countryside because I couldn't cope with anything at home let alone at school.

    I ended up leaving school with no GCSE's as a result and was faced wondering what on earth I could do with my life.

    Then, everything changed, I joined college and did a test (to ensure that I was intelligent enough to do the course I wanted to do - which I was) and so I studied childcare and got the highest grades possible, I then went on to do another childcare course and got all A's and I'm now at university training to become a primary school teacher.

    Just because something happens to you in your life that you don't deserve and it may be detrimental to you doesn't mean that it's always going to be that way or that you can't fix it. With me, after I left school something just clicked in me, I knew I was a better person than to let my experiences ruin my life forever and I was so extremely determined to turn my life around. Truth be told though, bullying has scarred me socially, making friends is really difficult because despite the fact that I am chatty and appear confident, I secretly believe that everyone instantly hates me and that's something that I still need to work on.

    At the end of the day, the thing is... What doesn't kill you really does make you stronger, even if you don't think so at that specific moment in time. It IS possible to get through the bullying, the pain, the suffering or whatever else is going on in a person's life and you'll come out the other side shining.

    Gem x

  2. I was never bullied, I had the odd name calling but my best friend stood up for me and it never really happened again. She's always been a bit gobby. But My dads best friends little girl is being bullied at school and she's having such a rough time. She is a bit bigger than other girls and has developed a lot quicker (starting to get boobs) so she's being picked on for this. It's awful seeing her become so withdrawn when she used to be full of confidence. She barely says boo to a goose at home. She's in the last year of primary school so hopefully as she's going to a secondary school than none of the bullies are she'll be able to come back out of her shell.
    Bullying is an awful awful thing and much more needs to be done to stamp it out. Many clothes brush it off as kids will be kids but they need to take more of a stand.

  3. I was incredibly lucky not to be bullied (I was far too gobby and from a quite a notorious family so I was left alone) It just makes you stop and think that there must be people you know that have felt like this and that we all need to keep an eye out for this and try and be there to help people.
    It must be even harder for kids now because you can be bullied in so many different ways and now people even do it online.

    I thought it was a great programme and highlighted the need to change our school culture and not blame the person being bullied.

  4. So beautiful, I'm going to share this on my blog, I hope you don't mind. Its so beautiful!

    Stephanie xx

  5. Wow that video made me cry. I hate bullying, there is no need for it. xx

  6. I only just got round to watching the programme this evening, such an emotional programme that and the video you linked below made me cry.

    I was bullied through the majority of my time at secondary school, bullying is such a horrible thing and a lot more needs to be done to stop it. Hopefully Jodie's programme is the start of something to help stamp it out xx