Sunday Summary 014

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Haven't had a chance to take any pictures this weekend (or do any blog posts this week, apparently!).  

I've spent the weekend in Leeds, with the mother & her bff, moving my life from my student flat into my student house. Much chaos & hilarity ensued! I'm in love with my new room so far, not so in love with the antics of one of my house mates. 

I went to IKEA for the time today, BEST PLACE EVER. Seriously, why have I never experienced this wonderland before? I got the most fabulous shelves for a ridiculously cheap price along with other fun & wonderful things we spent the afternoon building. When I actually move in & have everything in there, I'll do a cheeky post showing my room because I love it. 

Another first experience this weekend was the World Buffet, an all you can eat restaurant with foods from around the world. I attacked the ice cream with vigour. Then felt terribly sick afterwards. 

I decided to make use of my MyFitnessPal account this week by putting the app back on my phone & actually using the website. I'm in love! It's so much easier to use (and more fulfilling) than the Weight Wathcers app and has made me excited about exercise again. If you have an account let me know! 

You may already be aware but there's been a promotion running with the News of the World for free Nails Inc polishes with 3 tokens. I went to pick up the final token today but they'd sold out of the newspaper. Luckily for me the supplement with the token in was still there & the lady let me have it for free! Win/win. Fingers crossed I get to Tesco in time to pick them up. 

5 to read: is only three as I haven't had chance to read any blogs! one two three

What've you been up to this glorious weekend? 


  1. I seriously need to go to Ikea, I feel like I am missing out haha!
    & the ice cream is the best part of red hot buffet :D yum!

  2. i love ikea- u have to go again and buy the daim freezer cake it is AMAZING. XXX

  3. I could spend ages in IKEA, most amazing shop ever! I love having meatballs for dinnern before and then an hhotdog on the way out haha!

  4. IKEA is such a tease. Every time I step inside the store, I have to buy something and most likely, it's something that I don't need.

  5. I made my Dad go out first thing for the Nails Inc yesterday!

  6. I LOVE Ikea, it really is the place of dreams!

    Maria xxx

  7. Ikea is amazing! There's one being built nearish me and I can't wait for it to open!