What I've Been Buying 001

As a cheeky post I thought I'd show you what I've been buying lately, I love having a nose at other people's hauls (& I'm a lazy blogger who's neglected this bad boy for too long!).


I added this dress to my 'to buy' list as soon as I saw it on the site but after seeing Naomi wearing it and the cheeky 15% off, I had to have it! It's adorable & well made but is indecently short as a dress on me, oh the woes of being tall. Not being a fan of the maxi trend , I quite like the midi one so this skirt was a nice addition for the summer & the belt has been a must have for a while. Unluckily for me I bought it just before it went on sale!


I had my first disaster with ASOS last week, I ordered this dress in black as after adding it to my bag I realised it was the last one (apparently I'm a competitive shopper!). Tragically they sent me a pair of work style trousers...I can't even. Anyway in a desperate attempt to get my hands on a black one sleeve dress, I bought this bad boy as at the time there was only one of those left too! Looking back I got this top & the River Island one on a whim. Neither of them are colours or styles I would normally go for, clearly I think I'm Rockefeller. This top on the other hand practically has my name on it, loveee!

IMG_3277 edit

Thanks to Lucy's post & Hannah, I had to go out & get a scrapbook. I initially wanted to fill one with fashion wants & pretty things as I am obviously that shallow but after seeing this adorable print (not forgetting that it was the only one left! I see a pattern emerging here...) I had to have it & intend to fill it with my travels. The adorable earrings are just something I picked up in the Topshop sale. I can't say I'm a fan of actual horses but horse charms are too cute. This ring is from Style369 & was a bargain!

IMG_3262 edit

After seeing Sienna Miller in a pair of cuban heel, tan ankle boots in LOOK magazine, I had to get my hands on a pair. I originally was hoping to find some in time for A/W so while my search was thorough I figured I had plenty of time to find the perfect shoe. Who needs time when there's a sale in Debenhams? Whilst raiding the Topshop sale, I found these bad boys with 70% off! Real suede & perfection all for under £20. Win/win?

IMG_3286 edit

Buying these shoes in New Look caused me much grief, they're about 5in, so in them I'm about 6ft 7in & judging by the looks & muttering sent my way, the clientèle of New Look felt this was unacceptable. If only I gave a whit what irrelevant idiots think. I bought them anyway & made sure to do a few extra laps of the shoe department just for kicks.

IMG_3287 edit

Good lawd, I ramble on as much as I shop! I suppose you're lucky I had to leave & didn't get chance to photograph everything else. Finally, I saw these shoes on Vivienne & again had to have them. Well, I figured I already had the socks, so why not? So, I tracked them down on Ebay & made them mine! 2 pairs of ankle boots in summer...what am I doing?

What've you been buying lately?
Have you been taking advantage of all these sales?


  1. Great bargains there!

    I've only bought some denim shorts, a top, a headscarf and some other bits of jewellery. I am on a serious shopping ban hence was only allowed to get the stuff that I desperately needed!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  2. Ahh I love it all, can I raid your wardrobe plzzzzzzz.

    I got a really similar ring to that in evans for my chubby sausage fingers, hah! I must say it's a ruddy pretty ring a-what what xxx

  3. That was me by the way. Stupid Gmail!

  4. You got some gorgeous stuff! absolutely love the top from ASOS with the stars on.
    It was making me laugh how you were saying everything was the last one, you must have expensive taste :)

    Really like the idea of a scrapbook, ive got old train tickets and things that are memories with nowhere to put them so thats a lovely idea.

    :) x

  5. I also got the stripey skater dress and wore it already on Saturday with skinny jeans.
    I really love it, because its an easy casual dress.

    Besides I love your horse earrings.*want* Unfortuneatley our local Topshop (Dublin) doesn't have them anymore and I couldn’t find them online either!:o(
    They are really lovely!!

    Isnt it mad, that new gorgeous clothes for autumn already are coming in on Asos e.g. and I haven't worn all my summer clothes yet!!;o))

    I really like your blog, even though I rarely comment on it. Its inspiring!! Keep it up!!

    Have a nice day!!
    Kerstin x

  6. ohh stephie someone has a shopping addiction ;)

    but I NEED THOSE BLACK ANKLE BOOTS... you'll have to link me to where you found them!


  7. I love the black wedges! I have a very similar pair but they are beige, I love being super tall, and all those muttering.. honestly, are just jealousy!!!

    Love Jessica xox

  8. I love the brogue/boots. and the jewellery is FAB, love it! I have a similar stripey dress from topshop, but i really like the longer sleeves on yours. x

  9. Ooh I love the black midi skirt, it's beautiful!Have you decided how to wear it yet?
    I found so bargains in the ASOS sale, mostly a great vintage style dress which am very happy about! Sorry you had a sucky time with your ASOS ordering, did you get the dress in the end? xx

  10. Love the first boots you bought! I would wear them all year around lol! I also adore everything you got from Asos's sale:) I've bought a couple things from their sale and love everything I ordered:)

  11. Great buys!
    I am happy with my ASOS belt. I'm sorry that you had that experience with the switcheroos on the items.

  12. You've got some great bargains but I really love that skirt, I can't wait till you do a style post! PS I just bought some ankle boots in the sales too xx

  13. I love it all! especially those black wedges. I didn't really get anything from the asos sale, all the curve stuff is a weird fit and I'm one size to big forn the regular range, total nightmare!
    Love that stars and stripes top, might get it for when I go and see Britney.
    You got some great bargains

  14. I love that black skirt. I just bought a similar one from Forever 21.


  15. Adore those black wedges! In fact I love all the footwear you brought! Girl did good!

  16. oooo cute stuff! love it all! i love those shoes especially!


  17. oooh fabulous new purchases!! :) xo

  18. I need that belt so bad!


  19. I bought a striped dress just like that from new look :)

  20. such gorgeous buys!! I'm totally lusting after those brogue boots of yours...but then I'm lusting after brogues full stop atm....

    But as I'm poor atm, it was lovely to uncover a load of old clothes that I've had for a few years and were in storage....some are hideously dated, but others are going to work their little behinds off this summer....thats my trick, buy alot when I've the cash so I've plenty when the purse is bare!!

  21. FAB purchases, those boots are divine! I bought a gorgeous coat for £5 from £50...bargain!

    Maria xxx

  22. I love that black skirt!

  23. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, shoes are nice and creative,,,


  24. I need those black brogue boots in my life! xxx

  25. Steph, I actually LOVE you for the laps of high-heeled glory you took around the shop. I remember a girl at school once coming up to me [bearing in mind we'd never spoken before] and saying "Why the hell do you need to wear heels?". To which I should've replied, "need? Nono, I WANT to wear them thank you very much". In reality I think I just shrugged and walked away.

    I wish I was still as brave as my 14 yr old self in the heel department...somehow I just can't bring myself to do it. YOU however, are an inspiration :) xx

  26. Great buys, love the stripe dress and boots.

    Sadie x

  27. Great buys! :)

    I love the jewellery and the scrapbook is just too cute!