Magazine Freebies

Summer's (almost) here and in the UK that means an abundance of magazine freebies :D

If you hadn't already heard, Glamour magazine is giving away 3 Benefit products with this month's issue. An eye pencil, an eye brightener and a concealer. All products are full size and total £45. So, even if you buy all 3 magazines at £2 a pop, it's still bargainous! There's 3 covers to collect: Alexandra Burke, Lily Allen and Zoe Saldana; as is my luck I ended up with 2 Lily Allen covers... This issue seems to be selling out fast, I made my nana and my mother join my search in order to find the BAD Gal eye pencil, so if you see one and you want one, snap it up!

Other July issue freebies include:

Cosmopolitan: Reduced to £2 this month and comes with a free book

Elle: An option of 3 free beach bags, designed by Reiss

Marie Claire: Free Cowshed bath/shower gel, 6 scents to choose from

InStyle: Free Moschino canvas tote

Tatler:Free sunglasses, 3 different styles to choose from

Company:Choice of 4 Jackie Collins books

Red: Free Jemma Kidd lipgloss in nude, red or pink

Harper's Bazaar: Free Giles Deacon t-shirt

Spotted any other offers or picked any of these up?
Let me know :)



    the u.s. mags never ever give away stuff like this. and by the time the british mags get to the u.s., they've been stripped of the awesome freebies.

  2. I'm a subscriber and got the IT stick :D

  3. WOW! I wish I lived in the UK right now. Very, very jealous

  4. Wow.... amazing, in Germany you only get one size fits all underwear or stupid necklaces that breake right away xD

  5. Oh wow, I never knew the Summer meant magazine giveaways :D I think I saw an umbrella giveaway once, and I almost took a job at £2.50 an hour placing nail files inside magazine plastic covers. :D

  6. OH! Thanks for this! I hope its in the US as well!

    xoxo Maria

  7. I managed to pick up the marie claire one with the free showergel. A while back I also managed to pick up an instyle with free nailsinc nail polish. I normally only bother buying magazines for the (good) freebies, because I don't really find the mags all that interesting.

  8. Yes, I got the Bad Gal eyeliner, but a, going to get the other 2 as they are full size! What a total bargain!

  9. Ooh thanks for this list, will definitely be picking some of these up soon!

  10. qoq jealous..freebies are like....once or twice every six months much good stuff!! haha
    cool post :)

  11. I love magazine freebies and I love that the Benefit pencils are full sized - bargain!
    I got the It Stick which is really nice and creamy :)

  12. 1003 follower :)