June Snapshot

Since I love reading these little snapshots, I figured I'd be cheeky and steal this from Dottie K :D

Listening to: Eminem, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson & Journey

Reading: An abundance of magazines! Yay freebies :D

Watching: Big Brother, Chatty Man and 16 & Pregnant, so good!

Buying: Summer dresses, culottes, MUA make-up, Jeans and a bed!

Wanting: Some new headphones ;(

Trying: A new way of revising. It failed.

Loving: The end of exams and college!

Planning: My trip to LDN :)

Making: Green Monster smoothies

Writing: A bucket list

Pimping: Don't Call Me Jessie!

Inspired by: My fellow bloggers! ♥

For me June was full of exam stress and revision. Can't say I'm sad to see it go!
How did your June shape up? :)


  1. Fab post! I hope your exams went well :) xx

  2. Love this! And Michael Jackson, I must say :)

  3. Fun answers. My June went by quickly, I'm amazed. It ended with a bang, because my birthday rocked!

    Have a happy July!!

  4. ure amazing steph! thanks for these links and i LOVE that picture! dont mind if i copy! ;-)