UK Blogger Meet-Up

Image: We ♥ it

Hola! It's been too long. I'm not going to bore you with rambling apologies or make promises of posting that I can't keep, but I will say hi to my new (and old) followers and say that I hope to be spamming you with posts as soon as my exams are over! In the meantime, I'm still (wasting the time I should be using to revise) reading blogs; so, if you want me to check yours out, leave me a comment :)

Moving on to the topic of the post! Next month there's going to be a fatshion blogger meet up in London. Although you don't have to be a blogger to attend! We'll be meeting up at 10am, Saturday 24th July at Waterloo Tube Station. Shopping and a ride on the London Eye are part of the plan and what's not to love about shopping?

Having only been to London a handful of times, I'm a little nervous about navigating the underground and finding my way around generally. Knowing my luck it could be disastrous! Death by tube, anyone? ;D I'm hoping Sophie's superior knowledge will make zipping around LDN a breeze.

If you're in London or think you'll be able to make it, check out the Facebook page for more information or drop me an email and I'll pass it on :)


  1. Lads and I are going yay! Can't wait to meet you :) I would say yeah read my blog but not until tomorrow when I post some clothes for sale :D

  2. I would love to be there so badly, but I can't afford to go again so soo.
    I have to smile when I think about this huge group of beautiful big girls walking down the street, will be an amazing picture. I hope you'll take a lot of nice pics for your bog!!!

  3. Aww I don't think I'm going anymore. But hope you all have fun. xxx

  4. aw, I wish I could go to this! You guys are going to have an amazing time! :D

    xo Allison :)

  5. That sounds so amazing! I hope you all have a great time. xo

  6. I hope I will attend that event!
    I will apply for the visa as soon as I come back to Paris.
    See you!

  7. Ooh, that sounds sweet. I'm no where near London, but if I were I would be there with bells on. :D Hope you have a fab ol' time!

  8. aw, wish I could be there!!! huhuhuuhuhuh :D well, hope you have a blast, im sure you all will! :D