Topshop Autumn/Winter 2010

August 12, 2010

Whilst Summer may not be over, I'm over summer! I've already started buying things in for my winter wardrobe and I'm excited to be able to wear layers and boots. Topshop's Autumn/Winter collections are unsurprisingly filled with amazing pieces in a variety of styles. I have to get my hands on the oversized grey scarf!

What do you think?


  1. I'm not usually a Topshop fan but those huuuuugeee earmuffs are calling my name even though I'd look like the biggest fool ever in them! haha x

  2. i much prefer fall clothing and can't wait to bring out the sweaters and jeans, etc. great slideshow of items!

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  3. I like being wrapped up in a nice warm soft sweater, and it's definitely around the corner in these parts.

    Here's to a great new season!

  4. oh lord, this oversized scarf is LOVE!

    thank you for posting, bb! <3

  5. i made a scarf just like that last year - crochet! it's REALLY easy to do with an oversized crochet needle and some thick grey wool. really easy.

    if not, you could always buy one from Yokoo on Etsy. That's where i got my inspiration!

  6. Love the oversized scarf! I can't wait until fall!

  7. ohhh i very much know what you mean about longing for winter! i just bought my first grey chunky knit scarf in the middle of august. now i'm praying for snow.

    i've added you on twitter btw, (minielle) :) x


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