H&M & Zara To Launch Online Shopping

August 17, 2010

H&M's webstore is set to launch September 16th!

It's taken them long enough but I'm excited nonetheless! I just hope the H&M site is better than the European H&M webtores I've been on.


  1. I hope H&M will ship to Canada... :(
    But Zara. SIGH. Won't ship to our city!

  2. I wish they would ship here! My nearest H&M/Zara stores are 2 hours away and never carry the most stylish pieces (I feel like our store gets the leftovers) xoxo

  3. Very excited about H&M - I really hope the BiB range is included in this...!

  4. Am I dreaming? Online shopping at H&M finally?! They better ship to the US or...I'll just go to Raleigh and shop at their store :)


  5. Hi, I'm Swedish, so we've had the web shop for ages. IT BLOWS. The BIB range is pewny and rather sad, if you ask me, onl basics are available and they seem to cater to a much older audience than the rest of the collections. Sadly.


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