September Snapshot

September has been a ridiculously busy month for me, not only did I celebrate my 20th birthday (woe is me) but I also moved to uni! I was a bit unsure at first but after being here almost 2 weeks, I'm finally starting to settle in and enjoy myself. I've also been enjoying spending money (oops!). So, I'm hoping that with uni starting up next week and everything calming down, I'll be throwing myself back into the blogging world :)

Listening to: Lykke Li, Bruno Mars, Cher Llyod, The Script, Keri Hilson & Young Money.

Reading: The usual stack of magazines

Watching: X Factor!

Buying: Far too many clothes :$

Wanting: a job

Trying: to live independently

Loving: my uni room ♥

Planning: to work really hard this year!

Making: a mess.

Writing: To do lists

Inspired by: the stylish people in Leeds

How did September shape up for you?


  1. happy belated birthday!n_n

    well, september was a busy month indeed...just like you, I had my birthday and started university xD everything is new and exciting and strange and weird and...but with a little "getting used to", everything will work out x)

    If I had to do a "september snapshot" then it would be very similar to yours ;)


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