Summer In The City

Jacket: New Look // Dress: Dorothy Perkins // Sandals: Topshop // Sunglasses: Primark

I think it's safe to say, sweat has been this week's hottest accessory & I have been owning it. I'm certainly not one to complain about the appearance of Summer but perhaps as a country we should invest in a little more air-con? Especially on public transport as there's really only so much torture one person can take.

Not going to lie, my week of Summer started off well but by Wednesday I started to run out of Summer clothes, by Thursday, my make-up consisted of just eyebrows & by Friday, I'd given up altogether. How's about that one, Craig David? If unlike me, you're wanting to look cute & you're looking to extend the lifespan of your make-up in these beaut temperatures, may I suggest picking up L'Oréal's Infallible Fixing Mist. 10/10 would recommend (not even promoting this, it's genuinely that good).

Now rather than go out & enjoy the sunshine, I'm going to crawl into bed & watch Netflix until payday. I didn't choose the broke life, the broke life chose me.

Enjoy the sunshine, lads

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  1. I was doing well until about 4pm on Thursday when I realised I had failed to put deodorant on after my morning shower! x