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one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

Considering the variety & availability of plus size clothing is greater than ever, this season I'm left feeling underwhelmed & uninspired. I've said it before on Twitter, but it honestly baffles me why brands pick one trend for their plus size collections & stick to it throughout the entire season; there are only so many cold-shoulders I can take. Where are the classics? The structured, staple pieces that will last? Sure I usually dress like a student who spends most of their time at a skate park, but I would still like the option of clean lines & effortless chic. Until that day, I'm going to continue to fill my wardrobe with items that wouldn't look out of place on your average teenager.

What's on your winter wishlisht?


  1. If I see one more cold shoulder I might have a breakdown! Great post!

  2. My Winter list would need to be breastfeeding friendly and warm! Brrr!