2017: My Year in Review

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say 2017 was a car crash; several media outlets have claimed it was the 'worst year ever', a feat that seemed nigh on impossible after 2016. Not even an onslaught of hilarious memes could save us from the general misery felt by a glance at the News. If you follow my woeful ramblings on Instagram, you'll know 2017 wasn't a good year for my mental health so you will have to excuse my less than favourable view. In an attempt to be more positive, I made a list of some good things that happened to me in 2017 & figured I would share with the group:

1. New Job

January saw me escape the depths of hell to start a new role that (on most days) I love. There was a stage where I didn't think it was possible to not be thoroughly depressed whilst working & although I'm not where I want to be, I've taken the first step.

2. Blogging Opportunities

Considering my truly appalling attempts at blogging, I seem to have been blessed with several incredible opportunities that I most definitely don't deserve but am forever grateful for. To name a few, I was a nominee in the Navabi Plus Size Blog Awards & although I didn't win, the support I received from friends, family & colleagues was genuinely overwhelming; I got to travel to London for Fashion Week with Simply Be, not once but twice; my face was in Simply Be magazine, my giant head printed on the page for all to see, what a time to be alive; my face also appeared in Steph's incredible ELLE article on black women being left out of the body positive movement; I got to experience afternoon tea at Sketch London & I got to sit FROW at the Curve Catwalk. I mean, I'm jealous of me. & also baffled as to how this is my life.

3. Blogger Pals

Speaking of LFW, how can I make a list of 2017 highlights without including the time spent with Em? A shining light, hilarious comrade & all round ultimate babe; it has been an absolute pleasure getting to spend time with my favourite red head. As is evident, I could wax lyrical about my love for Em but I fear this has already gotten too emotional. When I attended Curve Fashion Festival in 2016, the only person I knew was Rosie, the blogging game had changed since I had last dabbled & I was way out of my depth. Em, Violet, McKayla & Becky accepted me like an old pal, even though I was essentially a 2 out of 5 on the Steph scale that day. They have continued to be rays of sunshine in 2017 & remind me why it is I got into blogging in the first place. While I'm on board the love train, I can't forget Jess & Leanne, I'm not quite sure what I was doing with my life before these Geordie delights entered it. Thank you all for inspiring me on the daily, I can only apologise for being extra.

4. The Curve Fashion Festival

This is potentially cheating slightly as it combines both 2 and 3, however, it was far too good of an event to miss out, even if I did show up more than fashionably late. As well as seeing my faves, I finally got to meet Grace & Aimee. & more importantly, got to look at the fine ass male models Yours Clothing decided to bring along this time around. If there's a next time, I intend to turn up early & take full advantage of the stalls giving out free prosecco.

5. Travel

2017 saw me travel many a town & city in the UK, as well as a fair few abroad. I was lucky enough to visit Germany, Hungary, Holland & Jamaica & each trip was more incredible than the next. From slicing my tongue open after choking on a broken shot glass in Budapest to stripping down to a bikini & taking blog pictures in Runaway Bay, my travels have been nothing short of eventful. After being surprised with a trip to New York for my birthday, by my incredible best friend, I am more than ready to get started with the travel plans for 2018.

6. My Support System

As always, my friends & family continue to be incredible & being able to spend another year making memories with them is everything. I wish I could put into words how much I appreciate the love I receive, even when I don't deserve it. To every single one of you who reads, likes, comments, messages & generally supports me, I am forever grateful. Thank you for being the reason I don't give up on hoping there will be better days.

What were your highlights of 2017?

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