Lanvin ♥ H&M

After months of hype, leaked videos and a blogger contest, the Lanvin for H&M collection is set to drop November 23rd. Exalted as the most anticipated collaboration yet, there's talk of stampedes and outright carnage once this hits stores!

Unsurprisingly it's been rumoured that the collection won't go past a UK18 but with the recent expansion of their main range's sizing, fingers crossed! Personally I'm not enamoured with the collection. Aside from the blazer and tulle dress (both of which I can't afford!), there's nothing that jumps out at me as a must have. In fact, my favourite things about the collection are the bags it comes in! So I may join the masses after all...

What're your thoughts on the collection? Love it or loathe it?

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  1. Love it but can't afford it, well I could...but it's not worth the money at this time of life. rather save those 200 dollars (or something) on a trip to the US :D :D :D but love the collab. <3 I might as well score on a bag or something less pricey, lol ;)