We Love Colours Review

Hey loves!

we Love Colors

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at We Love Colors offering the chance to review a pair of tights. As I said in a previous post, I've yet to see a negative review about their tights, so I was excited to try them out for myself.

Tights 2

Like many, I find it a chore trying to find tights that fit. Not only am I plus size but I have a 36" inside leg, so most tights are either too short or too tight! We Love Colors Plus Sized Tights come in 51 different colours with a choice of 4 sizes. Clearly mistaking myself for a child, I chose white to try and live out my fantasy of being Susan from Miracle On 34th Street! Even though I should fall under the C/D sizing, I've read that it's best to size up so I went all out and got the EE. Which, considering they can pull right up over my boobs, probably wasn't the best idea! Rather too big than too small though and the extra length in the leg means that the white is more opaque.


Having tried them out for myself, I'm going to add to the list of positive reviews and recommend We Love Colors! Although at $15 a pair, they're not cheap, in comparison to Evan's tights, they fit true to size and are supersoft!

We Love Colours are currently offering free shipping to Ireland on orders over $30. Just enter WELOVEIRELAND at the checkout :)


  1. these pictures are hot, lol!!! they made me smile. this is absolutely adorable, and the socks??? took me back to '89, thank you, honeh!!

  2. I love white tights on other people so much, this is so cute, also with the socks and your awesome shoes, but I think I could never wear them myself... They look awesome on your legs and I didn't expect them to be that opaque.

  3. Those tights are sexual! I need white tights in my life! x

  4. Omgosh they're so cute. I've always wanted white tights and the way you paired it with your mary janes and socks = brilliant!

  5. Cute! I kind of want the maroon tights. Oh and thanks, now I'm definitely going to have to watch Miracle on 34th Street :-p!

  6. These are lovely!

    You should be a tights model,you have AMAZING legs!

  7. love them! I might spoil myself at xmas :P xxx

  8. i bloody love that last picture.

    oh and errr, nice review : )