Sunday Summary 019

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I'm not going to get into the 'should I/shouldn't I' rules of apologising but if only for my own benefit, I'm sad that I haven't blogged recently & I don't just mean updating, I mean everything that comes with 'blogging' & keeping in the loop. For a long time now blogging has been a huge part of my life & I've loved every minute but at this point I don't enjoy my blog. I remember Lily saying you should write a blog that you would enjoy reading & whether that means writing more posts like this one or focusing more on clothes, I need to put more effort into making this a reflection of what I like & what interests me. I may have to give Bee's mind map idea a go.

In other news, I'm loving life this week! I'm back at uni & finally in the swing of things. Here's to hoping this year goes better than last though...

Although, why will no one hire me? I'm getting sick of applying for jobs, going through rigorous not to mention ridiculous questionnaires, only to be told 'sorry, there was such a high number of applicants, nobody even bothered to read your application, please try again.' R u srs?

I could complain about the weather but the sudden cold means I have the perfect excuse to buy a new winter wardrobe! Not to mention a reason to stay in & watch the new series of Dexter, Gossip Girl, Glee & The X Factor. Speaking of, how adorable is Marcus? The boy is perfection!

How do you decide what content to put on your blog?


  1. I know the feeling of not being able to get a job, it can be incredibly depressing. I was on jobseekers for 6 months just so I could pay my Mum & Dad lodge and eventually near the end I got a job thanks to the jobcentre being so helpful, it's only a 20 hour a week cleaning job but I get over £500 a month and will be able to finally rent a house with my partner next year so can't complain! Plus I'm doing a home course on the side just to get me that little closer to my dream job.
    Just stay positive and trust me, you will get a job :)

  2. I feel your pain on the job application front. I am aware the industry that I want to get into is so difficult but I have done 3 years of work experience. Free work! I just don't knowwhat else I can do :( Applying for jobs suck!

  3. I only blog when I have something to write about or when I've worn something very nice. People don't want to see my boring work gear or read another review that other people have done before you.
    I always have my camera in my bag so if something interesting happens I can take a few snaps. I have also started to post about things going on in my area that I don't think get enough press. Try writing a variety of things then look back and see which one you enjoyed writing the most x

  4. It's lovely to see you back on here, I sometimes suffer from writers block when it comes to content for my blog too.

    Stay in there though regarding the job, it really is a tough market at the moment, your dream job will be around the corner!

    I have borrowed a tip from a fellow blogger and keep a notebook with me, when things catch my attention I write them down and blog about them when I can.

  5. Personally I reckon we should literally reply to all of these applications with a short and sweet 'R U SRS?' email. I'm sick of it too hun - I'm not even getting replies!! Never experienced such fruitless job hunting before, but hey. Fingers crossed we both find something :) x

  6. I know what you mean about Marcus! Talented and cute = perfection!! :) xx

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the jobs front! I graduated this year and have ended up working 50 hr weeks in a local ASDA, not exactly my dream job but even that took months to hear back from, I just hope someone will take a chance on me at some point!

    Maria xxx

  8. nice blog (: seems there at least one thing you enjoying! my blogs are based on raves on certain products and life stories...

    CMPang x

  9. The only thing this weather is good for is hibernating.

    Fingers crossed on the job front x

  10. "Whats for you won't go by you" is what my mum always said to me when I was looking for work. I was on Jobseekers for 8 months then finally I got a job in my home town through a friend, I know the feeling though, but there are loads of other people applying for the same job and most likely in the same position, chin up something will come along soon :)

    For my blog, click here

  11. Nice to see you back. Yeah, there comes a point in every bloggers life where they don't enjoy blogging anymore... I deleted my blog a few months back because I just hated having my pic up on the internet and just didn't enjoy doing it anymore... But then I started back up, and just decided to do it for me, not for anyone else. I post what I feel like posting, whether it is a post on positive affirmations, or just an OOTD post. Do what feels right for you, or do nothing. It doesn't matter cuz its YOUR blog. Do it for you. and good luck on the job front, I know it can be a pain looking for a job in this market...
    Stay positive!! It'll happen when it's meant to..

  12. Marcus is just beautiful! <3

    I've been lovin' the new series of Gossip Girl :) Chuck Bass and a glass of wine goes down nicely ;P

    I only blog about what I want to, I couldn't type up something that I wouldn't want to read myself. I seem to have a lack of inspiration at the moment but I couldn't just blog for the sake of blogging.


  13. Sometimes you need to take a step back and refresh your ideas so perhaps doing a mind map will help you identify topics to write about. You've got 800 followers so think about the fact that these people enjoy your writing and probably recommend it to others. I know its easier said than done about getting a job, the employment situation in the UK is extremely hard, but are you putting these kind of examples into your cv? Its definitely worth considering xx

  14. Oh, I'm sooo with you on the job front....I get quite fed up of the lengthy applications only to be told thanks but no thanks! But as I've recently seen people get the jobs they've wanted, I'm trusting that old staple of positive thinking!

    I'm definitely with you on the 'post what you enjoy, blog if you're liking doing it' mentality....personally I get very concerned that my blog needs a focus or theme, when really I've so many vast and different interests that I'd rather just blog on what I feel like. But being a fan of your writing style, and the fact you've an established following, I'd think you could turn this blog into whatever you fancied, and we'd still come along with you on the journey. I think all, unless particularly dedicated to one cause, ended up deviating from their original manefesto. Whatever you end up blogging about, I'm sure it will be fab!

    And yeah, Marcus is adorablely lovely!

  15. @Jessica - Thanks bb! I'm glad things are working out for you. I feel bad complaining considering I'm a student & there are people worse off than me right now but it doesn't change the fact that it's frustrating!

    @Sophie - 3 years? Gah! That's insane. I really hope it works out for you soon lovely <3

    @Gem - Thanks for the tip bb. I like how you write about what's going on in your area, maybe I should pay more attention to the goings on around me!

    @Tinuke B - Thanks lovely. I've just realised it's almost 2 years since I've started this. I figure if it's taken me this long to hit a brick wall then I must have been doing something right/enjoyable! I like that idea, I may start putting to use the notepad feature on my phone.

    @Danni - I'm all over that lmao! That's the worst part, at least give me a 'hell no you haven't got the job' rather than a never ending hope! Fingers & toes crossed! <3

    @Emily - Yess! I almost cried when I thought he was going to be in the bottom two lmao

    @Maria - 50hrs? Eep! I'm dreading graduation as the job prospects are so grim. Fingers crossed everything works out for you too bb <3

    @Mai - Thanks lovely!

    @daisychain - Hibernating? Yes please! As long as it involves ice cream & Gossip Girl haha

    @Belinda - Thanks lovely, I'll keep that in mind! I'm not too worried now as I'm still a student & I'm surviving as of now but future prospects look bleak ;( I'm glad you found a job eventually bb :)

    @Literal Gemini - Thank you for the advice lovely, you're right! If I enjoy what I'm writing why stress about if others will enjoy it?

    @Sarah - Yesss! OOF! If only I was a gay boy haha! Chuck? I'd take any of them! Dan seems to be getting fitter with every series too ;)

    @CameronPoe2409 - Thank you for the advice lovely! A mind map is definitely on the agenda. When it comes to applying for jobs I tend to hold back when bigging myself up but on the other hand I have little experience!

    @confusedbrit - I think I can, I think I can! Positive thinking all the way. I'm definitely applying the quote "Whats for you won't go by you" that Belinda said. Fingers crossed it all works out for us bb :) Thank you for the lovely comment <3