Sunday Summary 020


Thank you so much for the comments on last week's Sunday Summary post, I'm back to loving blogging already :)

I've been loving life this week, been on some amazing nights out with the girls. Including one where we ran a taxi & ended up hiding out & swapping clothes in the middle of the street. Classy, me? Life in Leeds is better than last year already. Let the good times roll ;)

I went to a comedy evening with my mother & her friends last night, definitely an experience. They decided to smuggle in mini bottles of alcohol; saying that I was drunk is an understatement! I also ended up cornering one of the acts & telling him he looked like Russell Howard...awkward.

Irrelevant point but considering I'm currently watching the X Factor, how good was Professor Green? I'm a little bit in love with the man!

I've spent this weekend at home & it's been lovely. Nothing beats catching up with the family, home cooked food & being spoilt rotten! ;)

How was your weekend?


  1. Loved having you home ;-) xx will miss you x Had a great night out, some funny comedians and being vip guests at the new restaurant was funny watching everyone devour the entrees lol. You looked great as always xx

  2. I think we need a Professor Green fan club to join! xxx

  3. Aww happy week - yay! I also fell a little bit in love with prof green tonight - I reckon he's a complete softy really. Bless! x

  4. Your mother looks so much like you!

    beautiful photograph <3


  5. So glad that you've rediscovered the blogging love....your weekend round ups are definitely amongst some of my favourite regular blog features!

    I agree that the similarity features wise between you and your mum is definitely there to see....both looking lovely!

    Laughed at the running from a taxi and having to change clothes....I'd never be brave enough to do that!

  6. yes i love just being at home and around my family. since i live far away i def cherish the time i do get at home