October Snapshot

Apparently I forgot about August & September...

Where to start with October? It was a whirlwind of shopping, partying, dressing up, watching films, meeting new people, eating out & general uni life. My first presentation was last week & judging by the comments (people came up to us after!?) it went well so fingers crossed I'm off to a good start.

I feel like I need to start a diary as trying to reflect is becoming difficult with old age. Oh, I did get stuck in a New Look lift! My friend Aine had to reassure the other girl as she was freaking the motherF out. Whether it was from the lift breaking down or from being stuck in close proximity to us wasn't clear. I had an amazing Indian in Harrogate yesterday, I forgot how lovely the town is & the houses! I need to move. (Can you tell I'm clutching at straws here? I apologise for being utterly uninteresting!) I'm sure your month was much better. Here's to November! :)

Listening to: Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Nero, Cher Llyod, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Dappy, Lil Wayne & my future husband Professor Green

Reading: nothing, any book recommendations?

Watching: Gossip Girl, Dexter, The X Factor, Crazy, Stupid Love, Drive, Stake Land, The Ward, Red State, Insidious, Scream 4, Limitless & a whole host of rubbish films

Buying: cosy knits, boots, a pleather skirt & a silly amount of accessories

Wanting: some pleather shorts, a pleather dress, maybe some pleather pants? Why the hell not!

Trying: to attack this essay. So far it's not going well...

Loving: all the fireworks, got to love Bonfire night!

Planning: what to buy people for Christmas, how did it come 'round so fast?

Writing: career ideas, according to my lecturer the future is bleak.

Inspired by: Everyone who commented on this post! :)


How did October shape up for you?


  1. Also on the hunt for pleather shorts and pants, heck anything pleather or leather if I could afford it.


  2. I love bonfire night too. As for book recommendations have a look at The End Of Everything by Megan Abbott xxx

  3. I hve a great pair of faux leather shorts -from next, i wore them to tinie tempah last night, shall see if anyone has a full length pic of me so i can do an outfit post for u. also, people always say the future is bleak, but in reality there are jobs, you just have to work hard and work on your cv and learn how to interview. il always help you out if you need advice.
    love yous x

  4. I saw Britney and Patrick Wolf, best month ever!!
    I found that it's easy to get a job once you have worked there for free! was looking for a job for ages, did a weeks work experience in the library and they offered me a job. You will be fine xx

  5. October has been just work, work, work! Book recommendations - try The Hunger Games Trilogy. xx

  6. October was a pretty good month, we had the indian summer as well! :)

    And oh em ge, can't believe you got stuck in a lift, I'd freak out, do not like being stuck in small places :S xo

  7. I would recommend reading The Help if you're looking for a good book :) xx

  8. I second 'The Help' for a book recommendation. 'Purple Hibiscus' by Chimamanda Adichie is also a good read.