Sunday Summary 022

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Currently chilling in my monkey onesie waiting for One Direction to perform on X Factor. Shameless in my tragicness? Yeahhhhh buddy!

After storming to uni & sweating like a bish, a girl came up to me in the toilets to tell me that she reads my blog. This has never happened before & I had no idea what to say so I ended up mostly nodding & smiling...smooth going. (If you're reading this, thank you for saying hi & I'm so sorry for failing at human interaction!)

I went on a course night out this week & it was good times. Getting to know people better, dancing to terrible music & playing silly drinking games was hilarious & with plans to do it again in the future, my time at uni looks to be a good one!

I'm loving life this weekend as I'm finally back on track with my weight loss. Since returning to uni the scale has been at a standstill but I've finally managed to pull it together. I will reach my 2011 goals!

I did have another point but I'm running out of time to secure my place on the sofa for X Factor! I apologise for my blog basically consisting of Sunday Summaries though, I'm going to pull it together.

What'd you do this weekend? :)


  1. Hah that girl was my friend Frankie! x

  2. Aww this seems like such a happy post. WOOT! *fist pump* I missed x factor, and don't have a monkey onesie, but am making up for it with chocolate and I'm a celeb. Tragic as always ;) x

  3. Yes to the monkey onesie! Love it.
    That's amazing that someone came and said she reads your blog.. I would have just stood there and gone robotic!x

  4. aw someone recognized you! yay how awesome :) I would probably be the opposite and chatter her to death! thats what i do when i get nervous and shocked i just cant stop talking haha. sounds like you had a full week and a fun one :)


  5. i love you. thats all. this onesie is bloody brilliant. x

  6. you can do it!! hard to lose in the first few weeks of uni where you are out all the time and eating quick food.
    LOVE your onsie, Xtra Factor was hilarious with all the 1D jokes. Poor Caroline xx

  7. I love your onesie! I want one - they look so comfy :)

    Congrats on getting back on track - I seem to be on standstill at the moment but I've returned from my anniversary weekend away in Cardiff with the Boy so I can be 100% good now :) (in between my team night out at work and the company xmas party anyway!)


  8. I am desperate for a onesie. I feel like it would make my life complete haha! Going to hit Primark up on payday.

  9. @Mel - Well then huge apologies to Frankie for acting like a complete weirdo! I promise I'm not usually so odd lmao

    @Danni - Yes :) idk why but I'm loving life this week. I'm sure that'll change when I attempt to tackle this essay though. I'm jealous of your chocolate.

    @Zoey - & cosy too!

    @k f e d l a n d - That's pretty much what I did lmao it was tragic to say the least :/

    @Thick Threads - Well usually that's exactly what I'd do but because it was so unexpected I just stood there like an imbecile haha! It was exciting though.

    @LC - I love you MOAR! ;)

    @Gem - Serves her right for being a peado! (not jealous at all...) I think I've finally got it under wraps. Christmas will not defeat me!

    @Sarah - You definitely need one. They're ridiculously cosy, although mine could do with some more length in the legs, a permanent wedgie is not cute :/ I hope you had a good time bb & fingers crossed it's all go from now!

    @Sophie - I definitely feel like it would haha!

  10. I too think my life is empty without a onesie...I'm hoping santa drops me one down the chimney, as I dont think I could convince myself to buy one!

    Well done with getting back on look perfect as you are, but its about how *you* feel, so a pat on the back for having goals and aiming towards them!

    I'd totally be the same if someone randomly came up to me and said 'I read your blog'. But it is great so I can see why they felt the need to share the love!

    But anyway, I really like your sunday summaries so am totally down with the blog being mainly them ;p

  11. Eep, sorry for being a bit of a creep and approaching you, seen you around a few times though and thought I might as well just bite the bullet! xx

  12. @Frankie - Don't be silly, I'm glad you did! I was the one who acted like a creep lmao I promise I'm not usually that socially inept haha