Happy Birthday To Me! (Or 5 Things I'd Like To Do At 25)

birthday(Check out those creases, this is what happens when you have to do a last minute change after spilling coffee all over yourself)

It's that time again, another year older, another year wiser or at least that's what I tell myself.

For the first time since turning 18, I haven't been dreading my birthday. There's been no anxiety surrounding the inevitability of ageing, no overwhelming panic regarding all the things I should have done already, not even a minor meltdown about the dreaded greys. I feel weirdly calm, like I'm finally settling into adulthood & it's not as horrifying as I once feared. I'm finally at a place where I can recognise my life isn't where I want it to be but I'm ready to change it & honestly, I'm excited about the potential ways in which I can fill these next 5 years.

Am I growing up or am I just drunk? Either way, here's 5 things I want to do this year:

1) Learn to drive Whether it be money, time or just effort I've never seen learning to drive as a priority but I've spent far too long riding the peasant wagon & it's time for a change. In my expansive experience of being a bus wanker, I've been harassed, verbally abused, been covered in the remains of a window, suffered through multiple collisions and even been sat on (on purpose, might I add) so I think it's time I put pedal to the metal. Not to mention, how cute would I be cruising around town with the windows down?

2) Fall in love ...With a place! Before I'd even applied to uni, I knew Leeds was where I wanted to go. I fell in love with the city the first time we came to visit & I could just envision myself living here. Fast forward five years, five jobs & five moves later & the excitement has gone. What once felt like an adventure, is now a boring routine & I'm pretty fed up. Whether that means moving city or just exploring new places, I'm ready for a change. .

3) Visit 5 countries This already seems like a tall order for someone who hasn't been out of the UK in 3 years but I've been desperate to travel for the longest time. Several international trips have fell through after friends have changed their minds but after reading about Sian's solo adventures, I'm finally prepared to go it alone. Even if I only prepare for 2017 travels, I'm determined to make several trips in 2016.

4) Choose a career path That dreaded 'C' word. I've been avoiding this forever because honestly in today's economy who has the funds to pursue their dream? While I'm not prepared to sign up to one of these unpaid internships or worse move back home, I should probably at least try to do something that doesn't make me want to jump in front of a bus every morning. Suggestions on a postcard, please.

5) Complete a 5k Ugh, just writing that down is horrifying but bizarrely, I love running. Considering, when I was at school you couldn't pay me to participate in cross country or track, I've found that I love the feeling of pushing yourself, of setting goals & achieving them, of feeling like you're going to die but carrying on anyway because the rush of endorphins is so worth it! Unfortunately, if you've ever seen me in the gym (or on the rare occasion outside), you'll know that I am utterly shit at it. Don't get me wrong, for 3 minute bursts I think I'm Usain Bolt but then my lungs collapse & my legs betray me so it's back to casual, slightly wheezy, walking until my major functions come back. I got to week 5 on my Couch to 5k app before I saw that workout 2 involved running for 12 minutes, needless to say I swiftly went back to week 4 to those safe 5 minute intervals. No more! Time to suck it up & get to week 10. Pray for me.


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