Sk8r Boi

T-Shirt: River Island // Jeans: ASOS // Shirt: New Look // Trainers: Adidas

So, I'm currently listening to Avril Lavigne & lamenting over the woes of my life, as you do on a Tuesday. Life just seemed simpler when the biggest concern was deciding on the fittest member of Good Charlotte (fyi, it will always be Joel). I'm going to blame my burgeoning nostalgia for this outfit because I'm sure that's the only reason I thought tying a shirt around my waist would be a good idea. Someone needs to stop me before I bring back the checkerboard sweatbands, that's just not a good look for anyone.

Moving away from the rock star lifestyle, is it possible to fall in love with a pair of jeans? Because I'm pretty sure I've managed it with these bad boys. These ASOS Rivingtons are everything I've ever dreamed, high-waisted, skin-tight & long enough to bunch at the ankles. Excuse me while I go swoon into my trouser drawer. Between these & the dungarees, I may never wear anything else.


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  1. I was such a fan of Avril on my teen years. Basically until 2010. I still have a trauma when it comes to checkerboard sweatbands lol.

    Love those sneakers!

    xx, Carla |