Sky's Out, Thighs Out

Body: Dorothy Perkins // Shorts: ASOS // Belt: ASOS // Jacket: New Look // Trainers: Converse

Oh hai, just me again. Casually strolling in as if a year hasn't gone by...
What can I say? I'm just not ready to let go.

Yesterday, & the day before, it was hot as balls outside. Considering I'm sat indoors while it pours down, I'm not going to get ahead of myself & proclaim it Summer just yet, but I think it's safe to say it's on the way. Summer to me means shorts, sunglasses & sandals (see also: Spring, Autumn & Winter. I have no shame). Admittedly, the length of the shorts has varied but overall, when it comes to flashing a bit of leg, I'm 100% on board. Annoyingly, the same can't be said about a whole host of other garments, including vests.

Watching Meghan Tonjes's video earlier brought back memories of Summers spent sweltering under several layers to avoid getting my arms out, times where it became so unbearable, the possibility of passing out seemed less terrifying than just pulling off a cardigan. Since starting this blog in 2009, I've managed to create a world with minimal bullshit. From what I immerse myself in online, to my friends and family, I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by like-minded, educated individuals. So, it's always a sharp slap to the face when I'm reminded that life just ain't like this! I wore short dungarees yesterday & I'd taken all of 5 steps out of my house before some idiot yelled something at me. While searching for a fuck to give, I wondered when does existing as a fat woman stop being political? I mean, I looked damn cute & the day I take fashion advice from a grown ass man in a tracksuit, is the day hell freezes over, but it still blows my mind that fools never learn to mind their damn business.

As long as Summer is here (hell, even when it's not), I'm gonna continue to do me & if that means wearing shorts or showing my arms then so be it. If you don't like it, you can suck my balls. To quote Beyoncé, I ain't sorry.

"I'm not here to make people comfortable & I'm not here to be uncomfortable."

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