5 Pieces

After reading Beth and Katrin's posts, I thought I'd take on Beth's challenge and define my style in 5 pieces.

Currently my style, if you can call it that, is the ultimate in lazy. Lack of sleep (and clean clothes) means I end up throwing on the same things. Now that I think about it, my ~style really isn't very stylish at all...

1 Leggings

Leggings are my wardrobe essential. Cheap, easy to throw on and they go with everything. Although my new love of tights is slowly taking over from leggings!

2 Grandad Shoes

Crocs aside, these are probably the most unfashionable shoes in existence but I live in them. At £4.99 a pair, they're the comfiest shoes I own and even though I have a tendency to look like a hipster when wearing them, I'll take that over blisters!

3 Tube Skirts

I'm noticing a pattern here with the cheapness of my wardrobe. H&M's £2.99 tube skirts are an everyday essential and I love throwing on a bright or patterned skirt with an all black outfit.

4 Shirts

I'm not a big fan of cardigans and blazers can be too formal so I think shirts are the perfect alternative. Easy enough to throw on over leggings and versatile enough to wear with a variety of outfits.

5 Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, I'm not a fan of piling it on but I never leave the house without earrings!

This is possibly the most uninspiring post ever, my apologies! My style seems to change on a regular basis depending on how I feel but these are the basics that work with the majority of my wardrobe.

What're your 5 pieces?


  1. this may seem like a slightly odd question to you but where did you get your "grandad shoes" from i really want a pair... i am constantly running around my campus andi nart rooms and ruining nice shoes so these would be perfect! :)

    hope uni is going okay x

  2. @ aroselikethis - Uni is going great, thanks chica! I got them from Shoe Zone, (classy, I know!) here's the link: http://bit.ly/bEewH0 :)

  3. I did this on my blog too! I was a leggings fan till I discovered tights. They are both addictive.


  4. im with you on shirts and leggings, they're my wardrobe basics.
    i totally spy a new look shirt that i too own, far right of the picture!
    : ) x

  5. I think leggings are probably one of the best things ever invented. Seriously. To me, they're more comfortable than wearing nothing

  6. I did this too! And funnily enough leggings didn't feature! I wear them lots too! I think this was an excellent idea of Beth's.


  7. haha, mine is almost exactly the same, just change 'grandad shoes' to 'primark boots' and 'shirts' to 'hanky-hem tops'! leggings and tube skirts are fantastic, i'm so glad i discovered them, they are my uniform.

  8. I need to think about my five but cardigans would definitely be in there - can't believe you're not a fan!


  9. I neeeed some more tubeskirts, but I can't find them in Germany...at H&M they don't have them anymore...I just own one from primark, but driving there is a 4 hours trip -.-

    I love yhour shirts, I still want denim one that is fully buttoned up mine is more like a tunic.

  10. @ Amy - It's the clingyness! I'm not a big fan of my back & I feel cardigans highlight it LOL I do love my pearl cardigan though ;D

    @ Katrin - Oh no, I haven't checked H&M in a while! I'm not a fan of Primark's I think they lose shape easily. I can't think of where else they sell them. Maybe try New Look?