To Blog Or Not To Blog?

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Moving to university and living in a bigger city has made me unsure of myself. For a moment there I thought I had it all worked out and was almost content in the position I was in. Suddenly I'm not so sure.

I've never thought of myself as a 'country mouse' but moving has made me realise how sheltered my life is. Having to meet new people and constantly reinvent myself to merge into various social groups and friendships is not only confusing but brings me back to 'where do I fit in?'. I don't want to have to censor myself of become this passive, agreeable person just because it's the easiest option. Yet at the same time with so many others to compete with, I no longer have the urge to stand out.

What I lack in self esteem, I make up in confidence and previously I've worn things not because I think they're fashionable or cute but because they're different and I can. I've come to realise that just because I care very little about what randomers think of me, doesn't mean I have to prove a point and dress with the intent of causing a reaction.

I know this is mostly rambling which makes little to no sense, but this changing of attitude and situation is making me reconsider blogging and whether my input to this community is relevant. Until I can figure out a way to take OOTD pictures, I'm unsure if I'll be updating as often.


  1. it would be sad to see you go, but i completely understand. if you can't find a place to take pictures, take them in your dorm room... who cares what the surroundings look like? i think as bloggers we're pressured to have these photos that look like they belong in a fashion mag, when we're really here to just show our street style... and sometimes those photos happen before we head it. who can get caught up in taking photos when you're out enjoying life (and you might not know anyone who is willing to).

    p.s. i tend to dress more conservatively BECAUSE i don't want to stick out. people are very ho hum about their style here.

  2. We'll miss ya.. so come back soon. I k now how it feels to have to try and figure this "life" thing all out. But Im sure that you will make the best deicision. One thing about "self" .. we always have the best answers, even when we dont hear it at first.
    Mrs Hall In Training

  3. Hey hey hey, of course your blogging is relevant! Everyone who blogs has different things to say, and I look forward to what you blog about.

    I think you just need to settle in at Uni, it will get easier...I know it's difficult at the moment, but you'll get through it!

    Please don't give up bloggging, I would be very sad if you did bb!!


  4. your input is totally relelvant, and i'm not just saying it, although is is very hard to explain how i feel.

    It's like this; you've put so much passion and effort and heart into this blog and people appreciate it.
    Not everyone has a high fashion hipster look goin on, but that doesn't mean you're not fashionable. As long as you're style is an external expression of you then for me it will always be interesting and cool to read about.

    turns out my reply is mostly rambling too!

  5. You can only see a part of the first paragraph babes. And Ill miss your blogs :( Ill take lots of photos on Saturday and Sunday ;) x

  6. I'm reading your blog on a weekly base - from northgermany.
    Who else on campus is heard up here in europe? Right! Your blog is special to me and I would hate to see it go because of missing self esteem. I would love to see it go because of "new great job" "becoming a mum" or other positive things like that :)
    Alles Liebe!

  7. Don't leave although I think you should do something that makes you happy. Maybe you could go back to the real reason you started and stick to that. Or maybe even taking a time out. Life is filled with up and downs. Hope the up part will be there soon 4 u. STERKTE en laat je niet gek maken!

  8. Dear Steph,

    Maybe, sometimes it's not about the urge to want to stand out and competing with others. It'll take a while but soon you'll be comfortable and confident again.

    Welcome to the next stage of your life! You've just leveled-up!

    Here's hoping to great new friends and fantastic time at Uni!!


  9. I think these feelings are natural when a big change has occurred in your life! Just take your time to feel comfortable again :) I will def miss reading your blog if you decide to go! but good luck with everything. :) x

  10. I am not very good at saying things but one thing I do know about you is that you love your blog and have met some amazing people.
    You are an amazing person with a massive personality, stop trying to fit in with other people, be yourself!!!
    Your blog is your passion keep it up.
    Once Santa gets you a tripod and maybe a better camera (keep your fingers crossed) you can take more pictures

    Keep smiling ;-) I loves ya xx

    I have forgotten my password so have to send anonymous

    Love Mum x

  11. You are very refreshing, and I find that I can alway come to your blog and not get attitude, bragging and conceit even though you have so much going for you.

    Taking a break if cool, but you definitely have something to say :D I'm going on 40 and am experiencing some of the same feelings you are. Just remember, it too shall pass.