MAC Venomous Villains Collection

The latest MAC collection, Venomous Villains, launches this month and as it's already available in the US, I've seen various reviews both positive and negative. I agree with some that, the majority of the collection isn't exactly innovative but I will admit that I'm a fan of Disney and a sucker for tacky packaging, so in that respect, this is perfect!

Dr. Facilier aside, I can't decide which collection I like more. Sleeping Beauty may possibly be the dullest Disney film of all time but the Maleficent collection is gorgeous! I love the dark purples and magical looking nail varnishes. I'll definitely be popping into MAC and checking them out.

What do you think of this collection? Cute or tacky?
Will you be getting anything?


  1. Soo awesome! haha. I love disney too.
    The last two collections are my favourites. And the Maleficent nail varnishes look very inspired!

    Kyrie x

  2. SO cute! I wouldn't get any because I don't wear makeup, but cute nonetheless c:

  3. the maleficent collection is hands down my fave! it's gorgeous

  4. I'm not quite sure I'm going to have the self restraint to not buy the entire collections!

  5. I probably wont get any for myself but I am sure I will be buying you plenty ;-) x

  6. Eeee, I've been avoiding looking at this collection because I KNOW I'll want so much of it...GASP.