H&M Inclusive

In September last year, H&M finally launched their UK online store. Although I was initially unimpressed with the layout and navigation, the site was swiftly added to my ever expanding list of websites to window shop. The BiB selection, although modelled by the gorgeous Tara Lynn, is equally as uninspiring as it is in store but online the majority of the main range goes to a UK20 with a portion going up to a UK22-24. Considering how wack the sizing is for BiB, I found the expansion of sizing in the main range pretty exciting. Not as exciting as this however!

This spring H&M presents Inclusive – a one-off collection of colourful and feminine fashion with lots of attitude in a wider than usual range of sizes. The twenty pieces will be available in sizes 6-26 and will be sold exclusively through H&M Online from early March. The collection includes figure-flattering party dresses in 50’s styles with large polka dots and rose patterns, as well as skirts, tops, cardigans and lingerie following the same theme.

A preview of the collection:

Although I'm sad that there'll only be 20 pieces, I look forward to seeing the rest of the collection!

What're your thoughts on the idea of an 'inclusive' collection, yay or nay?


  1. Firstly, I love the pink skirt...gorgeous.

    In terms of the 'inclusive' collection, I personally think it's a great idea. I guess I hate the way that fashion segregates women so often - it ends up turning us (subconsciously) against one another, and has us believe there are different 'rules' for different bodies. I like the idea that any woman can see a design she likes, go and find her size and wear it with confidence. Whether she's a size 6 or 26.


  2. Yay but they don't ship to Singapore? *sobs*

  3. they don't ship to Spain :_(

  4. wow! so happy to see this. Their plus size range is full of ugly jumpers. I think an inclusive range sounds amazing. I don't like having to go to one small corner to chose clothes especially when I'm shopping with friends. I love that pink skirt and all the dresses are fab. Can't wait until this collection is released!

  5. Super sadness that they don't ship to the US!