Sunday Summary 001


Hey lovelies! Jumping on the blogger bandwagon by starting a weekly summary post :)

This past week has been a mixture of ups & downs. Uni exams, definitely a down! As was the bank insulting me & losing my money! Going back to Leeds & seeing everyone was amazing though & very messy ;)

Back home today as uni doesn't start 'til next week. Excited to have proper meals & not have to pay to do my washing, not excited for the crazies that are my siblings...

My tripod has arrived! I'm still waiting on a remote but at least now I have no excuse not to do outfit posts.

Sophie & I went shopping on Friday for Plus London. After picking up some gorgeous bits in Evans with my giftcard, I proceeded to lose the carrier bag in Primark... what an idiot! Luckily some nice person handed it in, otherwise there would have been tears!

Fingers crossed my ASOS order arrives tomorrow. I ordered a couple of things including this dress in black, which is now sold out!

Here's to hoping that everyone has an amazing week! :)


  1. Hope your ASOS order arrives soon, i'm sooo impatient when it comes to waiting for parcels!! Love the dress.

    Sadie x

  2. Gorgeous picture!
    Eugh, Asos delivery is so annoying! But that dress is gorgeous so i hope it does turn up! :)

  3. I hope your exams went well :) I'm waiting for a H&M order which I really hope comes soon, I hope you get your ASOS one as the dress is gorgeous! xxx

  4. Your hair looks gorge and I love your eyeliner! I was tempted by that ASOS dress, too, although I'm lusting even harder for the blush-colored one with long sleeves and the lace insert by the neckline. So pretty!

  5. I'm so glad that i bought the Peter Pan dresses (yes dresses because i bought 2) and i just hope they arrive safely :)

  6. I love that dress you ordered! You're making me want to shop SO badly. ASOS Curve has a lot of cute stuff I'm drooling over right now!

  7. I ordered that dress a couple of days ago. Luckily we ordered it before it sold out eh? ASOS Curve has some great stuff at the moment!

  8. Probably the most stressful shopping trip I have EVER done. Including raiding LDN in the height of summer when everyone is out shopping.

    Same time next week? ;) x

  9. I just receive the dress!!!
    Is soooo nice! but I ordered a 22 and it's a little big for me.. fffffff.

  10. My bf ordered me that dress for my birthday next week and I am also waiting for it to arrive! You'll have to do a blog post when you get yours so we can see what it's like :) Great blog btw keep up the good work!