Monsoon & Accessorize Press Day - Part 2

June 11, 2011

My last post from this event included images from the Monsoon and Monsoon Fusion range. This one has all the Accessorize pictures & a sneaky peek of Monsoon Children.

Similar to the clothes, Accessorize seemed to be divided into sections based on trend and era. Romantic florals mixed with Navaho prints & chic classic black. There seemed to be a theme of texture with sequins, feathers, faux fur & beading being included throughout. There was a mix of typical gold hardware & relaxed day bags with more statement jewellery pieces and structured classic bags. I loved the variation of colours from more subtle hues and classic neutrals to deep rich purples, vibrant brights and exotic prints. The eclecticism of the collection is what gives it such British charm and ensures that there is something for everyone.

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  1. Looks so gorgeous, I adore both stores, they work perfectly together.


  2. love the displays, looks very good!

  3. oh so pretty!!


  4. Loveeee the pictures! This store looks amazing, wish we had one here in the states! -le sigh-

    All of those accessories are calling my name lol

    P.S You have great photography step :P


  5. Pictures are amazing, I can't wait to see the childrens line of clothes instore.

  6. beautiful pictures :) looking forward to seeing all this in store xoxo

    half the world away.

  7. Oh wow, these accessories are amazing and I LOVE the way they've all been so gorgeously displayed!

  8. One of my fave places!!! So thanks for sharing xxx

  9. I love the way they've displayed everything. I've got my eye on a vintage style brown satchel. Looks like it was a fabulous event. xx

  10. okay. some one needs to take me there so i NEVER leave!! amazing post dear xx

  11. Wow this place looks so awesome! If only we had way cool stores like this in Australia i would go there everyday!.... Well okay not everyday but you get my drift :)

  12. Wow this is so exciting, thanks for posting! I'm so looking forward to winter now so I can wear the furry "lumber jack" look hats, eeeep :D

    Just came across your blog btw, it's fab :D subscribed

    To see my blog, click here!

  13. I spy a leopard print scarf that has lost its way and will one day find its way home to my wardrobe... beautiful!

  14. i love accessorize :) the winter collection looks so lovely!
    i do like how they set this all out! looks lovely :) x


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