Sunday Summary 013


Ugh having one of those days where all photos look disgusting!

I went to see The Hangover 2 with Sophie yesterday & it was immense! I was worried it wouldn't live up to the first one but it was equally as giggle inducing & ridiculous. Also, Mason Lee who plays Teddy is a little babe! Or maybe that's just my thing for Asians talking?. Seen any good films recently?

Whilst we were at the cinema, we pre booked tickets for the midnight screening of Harry Potter! I don't know whether to be excited or upset. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a huge Hazza P geek & am going to go all out for the event, wand & all ;)

After reading Laura's post I think I took her advice ("Sometimes there comes a time in every girls life when she needs to cut loose, kiss – and may I add just kiss – boys and spend two weeks grocery budget in Selfridges instead of Waitrose.") to heart & went a little bit crazy shopping this week. Clearly I need to stop reading my emails, the 'SALE' sign is much too tempting!

Earlier this week I made a 'Style Sheet' basically a document split up into different sections based on clothing items, accessories & inspiration. I'm an eclectic shopper & I buy things if I like them...the problem is, I like everything! My wardrobe is filled with an array of things that just don't go together. I'm hoping that by creating rules about what I buy my wardrobe will be more cohesive. How do you choose what to buy?

Speaking of buying clothes, I was lucky enough to win a $50 ASOS voucher from FashionStyleAdvice a little while ago & I couldn't decide what to spend it on (even though I've made 2 ASOS orders since winning!) but after waiting a week for my parcels the lure of ASOS Premier was just too strong & for less than £15 who can argue? Plus, I have a little left over to spend in the sale. Win/win!

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Anything exciting planned for this week?


  1. I hated the Hangover 2 and the flagrant use of the word nigger was no need, Xmen is seriously amazing though.
    I like your photo!
    And I'm looking forward to finishing my alevel exams this week woop!

  2. Sounds like fun, your hair is so cute :)

  3. I think it's funny that you said that about your pic, because my immediate reaction was "Wow, she's gorgeous!" I like your hair in the braids. They're really cute! I haven't seen Hangover 2 yet, but I am so excited for Harry Potter. I will probably sit in the theater crying afterwards that it's over. Especially with people around our age, we grew up with Harry, and now we are losing a bit of our childhood. Sadness. I tend to buy pieces, and then I have issues making outfits. I probably need to do what you are doing!
    Have a great week, Stephanie!

  4. Don't know what I'm going to do when HP is all over :( too sad. Also what is this 'Pottermore' all about?!
    Argh my wardrobe is full of things that don't match. I bought a red lace dress to wear on a hen night but don't have a bag of shoes to go with it, I do it all the time!

  5. Can't wait to see what this 'Pottermore' thing is, it's like a blast from the past getting me avidly googling Harry Potter spoilers! I still can't decide whether I'm excited or upset for the last film - it's the end of an era - but either way I'm hitting the cinema at midnight dressed in all my witchery fineries. Thank you so much for the link to my blog :) Hope you have a lovely week x

  6. Um you look fab, wtf? Disgusting my arse! Btw, LOVE the new look shirt, just ordered one a couple hours ago!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with a thing for Asians! LOL I giggled but the movie was a let down :(

    I have that same problem. My pieces never match so I don't end up wearing them. I hope that works for you, tell me how it goes! :D

  7. i think i am going to be in a slight case of mourning when harry potter is all done. xxx

  8. i know what you mean - everytime i get a sale email in my inbos - off i go a buy xxxxx

  9. You look lovely! Hmm I need to see both the hangover movies but more than anything can't wait for Harry Potter!

  10. Your hair looks super cute like that! :)

    I saw the Hangover 2 a few weeks ago and it did make me chuckle...I still prefer the first but I have to agree with you about Teddy :P!


  11. i can't even think about harry potter at the moment. my heart is breaking!! haha, i wish that was a joke.

    can you please SHARE these rules you've made for buying? i have exactly the same problem. choosing one style is hard when a lot of things appeal to me. and lucky lucky lady winning the asos vouchers! send a bit of luck my way xxx

  12. You look lovely on your pic as always, stop putting yourself down. I am biased I know but you are gorgeous.

    Oh and thank you for all my comments!!

    ;-) x x

  13. pretty girl! <3
    I also loved hangover 2.. I wasn't really excited to see it though because sequels are never as good but agree.. completely funny. x

    p.s. I'm having a $50 material attention giveaway if you'd like to check it out! x

  14. That shirt looks so interesting, show the whole thing!!

  15. hangover 2 is so so funny xxxx

  16. You look gorgeous! I love the braids :) I still haven't seen Hangover 2 but I can't help but feel that it will be the same story in a different location?

    Maria xxx

  17. these aren't horrible pics! love the bit of top i can see :) xx

  18. I like your styles, you look much more pretty with it..!

  19. A Style Sheet sounds like a great idea!

  20. lindo look!!

  21. oh my days!! I've only just started reading your blog so had no idea that you're a harry potter geek, but I read that and was like "squeee....its not just me that is a plus size fashionista thats hp obsessed!"

    but I think I'm going to follow suit on the style sheet thing...I too have the problem of liking everything and just buying it, so methinks I'm going to have to be more conscienious regarding my wardrobe and really get together some proper styled looks!