Sunday Summary 011


A day late but who's keeping track?

Thank you so much for the good luck wishes! As some of you may know, I had my first taste of a proper job this week & my, how boring it is! Clearly working isn't for me. Know any rich pensioners?

In typical British fashion, lets talk about the weather & how glorious it was this Thursday & Friday! A trip to the park & copious ice lollies were had, the only thing missing was a BBQ.

If you have the misfortune of following me on twitter, you may have noticed my recent obsession with Boy Meets World. Marathoning through the series, I'm in love! Quite possibly the best show ever.

I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on having a Facebook clear out last week. The general consensus seems to be that getting rid of idiots can only be a good thing & of course, Twitter > Facebook.

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Did you take advantage of the sun?


  1. Glad you've been enjoying the sun and I'm definitely with you on the working front. I think I haven't found my true desire yet :)

  2. I AM KEEPING TRACK YOU SLACKER. not really but imagine if i was? mega creep. i'm desperate for a bbq AND PIMMS with my sunburnt face. xx

  3. Thanking you for the link up my beautiful dear xxxx

  4. i adore fb clearouts, i love clearouts in general, they make me feel cleaner and more virtuous!

    thankyou for the mention little sis, I feel I have been slacking in my big sis role, i shall tweet u tomorro!!! xxxxx

  5. You put me to shame jobwise...I haven't even started looking yet, doh!
    I'm hoping to have a huge fb cull soon, imagining it'll be very therapeutic!
    Hope you're alright m'dear :D x

  6. Aww how cute is that pic?! I'm 100% for facebook clearouts. I had one last year and got rid of 500 "friends" and I don't regret it for a second.

  7. What a cute picture! A BBQ would be heavenly oh yes girl! and boy meets world, thanks to you I'm on a mad search for some links :P


  8. Ice lollies are without a doubt the highlight of summer.

  9. oohh the sun was short lived down my end :( rain all day today, rubbish. haha i am also rubbish at weekly features my week in photos should probably be called 'every other week in photos' haha.
    and erm... if you find any rich pensioners.. and they've got a mate ;) haha joking (sort of) xx

  10. Hey I thought I was the only one, I feel so good when I look at my FB timeline and know everyone!

  11. Aww I love that picture! And I can't wait till I leave uni and cull my facebook!

    Maria xxx

  12. Work isn't that fun is it? why can't the state pay me and you for being full time fabulous?! haha xx

  13. Boy Meets World = major '90s childhood flashback.