Sunday Summary 012


The one time I actually remember about having to do a Sunday Summary & I have nothing of interest to post...

The rain & general bad weather we've had means I've pretty much spent the week cooped up indoors watching films & reading blogs. Thrilling on my part, right?

I've really enjoyed going swimming these past few weeks but I'd like to join a netball or basketball club, nothing competitive just a bit of fun. Is anyone part of a sports club or could give me tips on where I'd find the right information?

20% off student discount at ASOS at the moment! I've already made a cheeky order but there's so much more to buy, decisions, decisions!

Tonight's #bblogers chat was about blog content. I loved the insight into what people enjoy in regards to blog reading although ultimately I believe that the content is up to the blogger. As long as you enjoy what you're writing then that's the main thing. What do you think?

This is quite possibly the most pointless blog post ever. Apologies!

5 to read: one two three four five

Recommend me your favourite blogs? I need more to read! :)


  1. So honoured to be featured again in a Sunday Summary!!! Love you girlie!! Missed the bloggers chat, will have a catch up read now xxxx

  2. CUTE AS A BUTTON. a little jealous of your swimming, i errr can't. tempted to learn but i'm too scared ha i'm such a baby xx

  3. I feel the same about the weather :/ I have links to my new blog discoveries on my newest post (don't mean to self promote here!)

  4. Loving the look today. Keep up the hard work and we will find a good night to play netball or something.

  5. Lovely pic :) dang I missed the bbloggers chat again!! It sounded like an interesting one too x

  6. I really want to get into swimming again but I always find it a hassle because of my hair.