ASOS Mesh Leggings

Wow, even though it's only been a week since my last post it feels like forever! I didn't intend to take a 'break' from blogging but with coursework deadlines, revision classes and other goings on, I've been too tired to post. I've always been a bit of a night owl and lived off little sleep but in my old age it seems to be catching up with me. I've finally managed to catch up on blogs and it's good to be back! :D

Ages ago I blogged about these ASOS leggings and how I needed them in my life. Finally, what feels like several years later, I have a pair and I'm in love! I'm 6'2 with 35in inside leg, so after ordering them I was a bit dubious as to how they were going to fit. Whilst they could probably do with being an inch longer (that's just me being picky!), the fit is amazing. The fit in the leg is perfect, no unnecessary baggy knees or ankles, they sit comfortably high on the waist and they're so soft. Even though I have yet to wear them outside (apart from the dentists but that doesn't count!) I decided to play around with different ways of wearing them:

Please excuse my wonky/angry face, it's still numb :/

Leggings: ASOS
T-Shirts: ASOS
Blazer: New Look
Boots: New Look
Peep toe booties: New Look
Trainers: Converse
Hair Bow: F21
Denim Jacket: H&M
Pleather Jacket: Dorothy Perkins

I don't know how I feel about the Paris tee, I love it on other people but on me I think it looks a bit...bleh. For £3 I'm certainly not complaining though!

What's your favourite ASOS pick of the moment?


  1. I love my mesh leggings , too...didn't had the time to post them, but thes fit perfectly, just a bit to long...and I think on you longer legs thes they looks much better xD

  2. WOW! See I was tempted to buy the mesh leggings today but I kinda got scared that I wouldn't know how to rock them...You do rock them!!!

    Jealous much :P

  3. You look great! I have a similar pair of leggings but from Dorothy Perkins.

    I really like the Paris tee on you. :)

  4. I like the bunny bow look! Totally fabulous! V x

  5. So cute! I love you in these leggings!!!

  6. Ahhh they look fabulous on you!! So jealous I didn't pick them up while that 20% discount was going around. Hmmmmm--next time though! I'm a little concerned though 'cause my inseam is super short (why, stubby legs, WHY?) so they may be too long on me, lol.

    Anyway, you look great!!! Love the motorcycle jacket outfit! :) Very badass. :D

  7. I like the Paris tee on you! and those legs!? VaVaVOOOOM! Girlllll you definitely make me want a pair of these leggings. I didn't realize you were so tall! I'm jealous!

  8. Girl the first outfit is so cute especially with the bow. I love the leggings on you, I may just get em!!!

  9. LOVE the leggings and you look HOT in your Paris t shirt ;) But seriously, you look absolutely GORGEOUS! <3

  10. I like all the looks honey! You have pretty legs! x

  11. love those leggings..that top looks good on you love the whole outfit X

  12. Just put your blog on my blogroll! love your style!

    xxx Anika

  13. Actually loving all your outfits with these leggings, I was sure I had seen someone wearing these and wondered where they were from! Now we know :) really like the first outfit and the denim jacket too xxx

  14. I love your outfits, all of them. You guys certainly pull off the mesh leggings but it's not my style, so. :P Keep rockin it!

    - Gazel

  15. oh wow, those leggings are amazing and you rock them perfectly.

  16. trop fort le serre tete gros noeud ;O)

    bon w end

  17. WOW those mesh leggings are way more awesome than I thought they would be - bravo! My current fav (which will arrive Monday) is the shoulder pad maxi dress - sure you've seen my tweets. I can't wait to rock that bitch. lol

  18. I still haven't grown tired of those leggings! love them more and more each time I see them. I like how you styled it. =)

  19. those are some cute leggings, and you have fantastic legs for them! i love the first outfit the best!

  20. you look seriously fierce!
    i'm especially partial to the bow.

  21. Loving these leggings! I love the Paris tee too! Great finds:)

  22. i'd kill for those legs!

  23. Those leggings are awesome! You look great, my fave looks are the all black w/ bow & the last one with blazer! I just got my 1st Asos order and I am very excited to wear it all! I got that Paris tee as well and I think it looks fine on you. Maybe if you wear it with jeans or a skirt you may like it better.

  24. OMG! Love it!!!! :D you look so stylish and fabulous! :D and those shoes in the first picture, omg, I absolutely love em!

  25. I love all the outfits, but especially the bow!

    I didn't realise you were so tall, I am jealous!

  26. The Paris outfit with the black jacket and the boots is HOT! Hot, I tell you. That's my favourite one of the whole set. You look great.

  27. I love them on you, you look great.


    love every single outfit you out together! and you look freakin hot in these leggings! :)


  29. They look brilliant, I love it! x

  30. these mesh leggings are really nice!! and I love the hair bow, it's so cute! :)

    xx Iris

  31. I love how you just take a simple piece and create so many outfits out of it. That's a skill I lack, and envy with people like you ;D .

    Great post.

  32. Ooh, those are so cute! My favorite look is the paris T with the black jacket. Simple, classic, and edgy!

  33. Those leggings look amazing on you! You pull them off effortlessly! x

  34. @ xladx - You should definitely get them! You'd look ace! Thanks bb.

    @ Katrin - oo you need to do a post, I'm excited to see how you wear them. I bet they look amazing.

    @ Blog to be Alive - Thanks bb, I'd love to see the Dotty P leggings!

    @ Vx - Thanks bb. I love bows :)

    @ Les Pitreries de Vanoue - Thank you bb :D

    @ Nikstar - lmao thanks bb! You don't wanna be this tall, it's ridiculous! You should definitely get a pair!

    @ CurvyGirlChic - I think they should be okay Devon has a pair and she's 5'4 (I think!) They'll probably just be a little gathered at the bottom. You'd look fabulous so you def need a pair ;D thanks bb!

    @ Danni and Maria - Wow, thank you bb! You'll make my head big lmao ;D

    @ ontheqtrain - You should definitely get them! Thanks bb :)

    @ LaCara - Aww thank you lovely :)

    @ Sarbeauty - Thanks bb! These lovely comments are making me rethink my dislike of it.

    @ Anika - Thank you so much bb!

    @ Fushball - Apparently they're the leggings to be seen in, literally lmao! Thanks bb :)

    @ Gazel - Aww thanks bb XD

    @ daisychain - Thank you lovely! :)

    @ Sarah - So jealous that you've got that coming your way! I will get my hands on one, one of these days lmao.

    @ AmeliaPontes - I love the design and for once I think they made them edgier than the pair in the regular range. Thanks bb :)

    @ Jill - Thank you lovely! :)

    @ kiddotrue - Thanks bb, I adore bows!

    @ Gabi - Thanks bb!

    @ Olivia - lmao I'll trade you!

    @ Cid Style File - oo I'm excited to see what you got! I think ASOS is fastly becoming my favourite shop. Yeah I'm thinking due to being a giant it's a little short (in my opinion) to wear with leggings so I'm gonna try and rock it with some shorts/skirt! :) Thanks chica!

    @ Jennifer - Thank you bb! I love those shoes, they kept getting reduced and I was like I have to have them!

    @ Katkins1982 - Thanks bb! lmao at the meet up I'm just going to be this giant loon

    @ Melissa Maples - Thanks chica! The picture where I'm looking to the side, I'm actually checking the collar 'cause on of the DIY studs I put on fell off lmao

    @ Fatshion Forward - Thanks bb! :)

    @ Lodi - lmao girl, you never fail to make me grin! Thank you bb <3

    @ thepocketrocket - Thanks chica! :D

    @ Dominique Ernest - Thanks bb!

    @ Iris - Thank you bb :)

    @ Ohmanitslisa - Wow, that's a fab compliment! Thanks bb! :D

    @ Catherine - Thank you bb :)

    @ Amelia Rose - Thanks bb! :)

  35. love the blazer! I NEED a boyfriend blazer BAD.

    Seriously LOVE your blog! so cute, you're inspiring me!

    Happy Monday,
    Jessica Kane
    Publisher of Skorch Mag

  36. Love all of these looks! Especially the peep toe booties, denim jacket and mesh leggings! Great style! :)

    Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

  37. so cute! Ilove it you look amazing! Thanks for following my love, keep in touch!

  38. those mesh leggings are amazing on u love!

  39. love the look with the paris tee especially! and omg you're 6'2! *envy* heh.

  40. OMG - did I miss this post? I went offline and am running behind with blogs and totally missed this.


    Also, your face doesn't look wonky/angry - more beautiful.


  41. The leggings are awesome. I must have them!

  42. Love those leggings! They're like Khloe Kardashian's. Very cute.