Strawberries & Cream

Vestral white, racing green & red

I used to be a nail polish fiend, changing my nails every other day or even twice a day, to the point where people would notice and comment on them. On the downside, I didn't take care of them and ended up with weak and destroyed nails. My nails are still a hot mess (I'm gonna blame that on a bad diet!) but I'm sick of them being boring, so taking inspiration from Georgina I decided to give strawberry nails a go.

my giant hand looks like a gorillas foot!

For a first try, I think the results are okay, I'm hoping practice will make perfect! The green part could do with being more defined for a start. The spots were done with a needle/pin.

Difficulty: 2/5
(although you should see the state of my right hand!)


  1. So cute! I will have to try this out sometime :) Love it girl!

    xoxo Maria

  2. They are amazing! And your hand doesn't look like a gorilla you silly noob! :)xxxx

  3. hhaha gorilla you are not. Its so cute, just don't eat your hands! xxx

  4. you ALWAYS make me laugh SO FREAKIN HARD!

    'my giant hand looks like a gorillas foot!' THIS IS WAY TOO FUNNY! hahaha

    love that look! :D

  5. HA gorilla hand ! what r u on about woman! far from it .. Well done on ur strawberry nails i cant do nails to save my life ! lol

    JO xxxx

  6. Thanks so much for your always so sweet comments (: and i LOVE that nail polish!

  7. @ Maria - Thanks lovely, I'm excited to try your stripy nails trick!

    @ Danni and Maria - Hahaha thanks!

    @ Far From Ordinary - lol no chance of that happening, especially as my mother thought they were ladybugs!

    @ Lodi - lmao well I do try ;D haha! Thanks bb :D

    @ Allison - No problem bb, ty! :)

    @ Jo - I call it as I see it lmao! Practice makes perfect ;) although by that I should practice like crazy on my right hand as I got more polish on my hands than on my nails!

  8. How cuuuute! :D wish I could play with my nails, coloring them or decorating, but I can't because of my work, boohhooo...I'm so jealous :P

  9. very nice i wish i had the skill to do something like that i love designs on my nails but its so expensive that i can only get it done every so often

  10. How cool! Im giong to have to try it:)

  11. i wish i had ure skills too! love this sweetie and the post title is making me hungry ... lol.

  12. I've somehow only just found your blog, but damn I love it and your nails look incredible.

  13. @ Jill - Thanks!

    @ Jennifer - Oh that's pants! Party pedicure instead?

    @ Candy - Try it bb, I fail miserably at doing nails but it was really quite easy. I've never had my nails done professionally or my eyebrows, someone get me to a salon stat!

    @ Gabi - Yess, I wanna see!

    @ BBM - lol! I'm eating strawberry trifle now too, how naughty!

    @ daisychain - Wow, thank you bb! Checking out your blog now :)

  14. WOW girl, you are talented! I love the idea of the gradient in the colour! Please come follow my blog, I will most definitely follow you xxx

  15. You are so cute! :D Always love that shirt on you--and DAMN GIRL with the nails! I am so not coordinated enough to do that! haha I can barely paint my right hand in a plain color without getting polish EVERYWHERE.

    I hope you're having fun catching up on satc! :D

  16. Love denim shirt! looks great!