OOTD: Lazy Week

This week I've been exceptionally lazy and haven't done anything productive, bad times considering how much I have to do! Although, I have managed to catch up on Glee, Gossip Girl and Skins; that counts for something, right?

idk what my face is doing in these

Cardigan: New Look
Vest Dress: Tesco
Cycle Shorts: H&M
Boots: Evans

Today being the last day of the ASOS Sale who grabbed a bargain? From the looks of things on Twitter, ASOS was the place to be today!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, here's to hoping I get things done!

PS. Allison over at Curvy Girl Chic is having an AMAZING giveaway so I suggest you go enter!


  1. ASOS was totally the place to be! LOL.

    Love that dress on you - I like the way it falls. Really nice buy. x.

  2. love the bike shorts and the boots! i gotta get me a pair of the shorts, asap!

  3. freakin sexy!!!!! I wish I had a pair of these shorts and make the guys turn their heads! :D

  4. You rock that shirts very well, sweety! Looks amzing!

  5. Oooooooo, nice outfit! love that ring your wearing! :) you know how I love those rings. :D Also, those cycle pants look great!!!!!!

  6. Very cute, looks so comfy! Love the boots!

  7. You are a bad woman. I held out and held out with the asos sale, and I finally caved because I just returned a bunch of stuff to them. I NEED that fox print t-shirt in my life.

    Huzzah for free postage.

  8. I hear ya Steph...I've been lazy too...and I caught up on Glee :D.
    Loving the outfit girlie!

  9. you rock those cycle shorts better than anyone I've seen

  10. ure so cute love ... and love the shoes! and GLEE all the way! woo-hoo!

  11. I give you a prize if you do not mind went to see on my blog


  12. @ Amelia Rose - Thanks!

    @ Em - It definitely was! I'm excited to see everyone's hauls/ootds showcasing what they got. Thank you! :)

    @ Jill - Thank you! :D I definitely need to get my hands on more cycle shorts, I loveee them

    @ Lodi - lmao! You are hilarious. You definitely need to get a pair

    @ Katrin - Thanks bb!

    @ Jennifer - lol thanks bb! :D I kinda like rings but it's hard getting ones to fit my huge hands!

    @ Cid Style File - Thanks bb! :)

    @ Pewter - lmao my bad! I am a shopping enabler :$ I'm so excited by the free postage! I may have to grab that tee too...hmmm

    @ LaCara - What'd you think? I forgot how much I love it! Mr Schu though...ergh lol

    @ daisychain - Wow, thank you for the compliment bb! *head expands* ;D

    @ BBM - LOVE Glee! I will get my hands on the DVD to harass my family with ;D thanks bb!

    @ Nerfertiti - Thank you bb! XD

  13. Love the bike shorts with the boots!

  14. Those shorts are awesome! It's a good alternative to leggings or tights. You work it out.

    Love those button-type earrings too. Where'd you get them?

    Big thank you for checking out our blog, too! <3