Make-Up Storage.

When it comes to organisation of stuff, I am on it; from clothes to sunglasses to magazines, everything has a place and everything goes in order. I am one of those sad people who puts books, DVDs and CDs in alphabetical order; magazines and mail in chronological order and clothes go by type then colour. Unfortunately for me, my ~mad organisational skillz~ don't extend to work and useful things like being on time. Fortunately for me, it means that I had the perfect excuse to buy these adorable drawers yesterday:

Which originally meant that this hot mess:
was nice and organised. But then I got all anal and decided that the randomness was ruining my organisation and made the drawers a MAC only zone which, considering my meagre MAC collection, is a stupid idea. So, now I'm back to square one, my make-up is randomly stuffed in a drawer and I've added more clutter to my shelves!

How do you keep your make-up organised? I might just steal your ideas to sort out my mess! ;D


  1. Right now I just have all my make up in bags and palettes which is not very economical or organized. There's just so much of it I'd have to get a small dresser to store all of it LOL. I just keep everything I use almost daily in one bag so I can keep procrastinating and avoiding organizing the rest of it :)

  2. Um, that's ADORABLE! I use vintage samosonite train make-up cases - I have three of them for my stash haha - I call them my arsenals!

  3. Okay. I want a box like that, STAT. For my makeup. My makeup looks like what your storage was before... tsk tsk.

  4. You seem to have a nice taste in make up... All the mac stuff, yay! *-*

    And btw. I choosed you for the beautiful blogger award ! :)

    xoxox Coco

  5. I am soooo bad at organizing my makeup! :)

  6. That's what I store my make up in! Isn't it gorgeous? I'm starting to outgrow the two middle drawers though, which house my blush collection and foundation/concealer collection. The biggest drawer holds my eyeshadows but I don't quite have enough to fill it yet. I'm forever rearranging everything lol.

    Great taste ;) xx

  7. lol, mine is just all stuffed into a tiny makeup bag :P I don't use that much makeup and find it too expensive to buy too much of it here in Sweden, in the US, I go bananas and buy like 10 different lipglosses. lol.
    However, I like this idea, real cute and organised. maybe you should put the makeup you use the most in there and the things you dont use that much aside in another box? eh...i dont know. :D sounded a bit too complicated, better to have everything on the same spot maybe.

  8. i sooo wish i was as organized as u girl! great job! and ummm ... can i steal ure make-up collection? please and thank you. ;-)

  9. @ Carmella - lmao that sounds like what I use to do and that one bag with what I used every day in would go everywhere...

    @ Sarah - oo I love it! I think I need a train case in my life now.

    @ Gazel - It's kinda fun when you rifle through and find things you'd forgotten about though :D

    @ daisychain - I love it so much I may have to get another!

    @ Coco Risquey - Thank you bb! The Hello Kitty stuff is my favourite. I need more of it in my life.

    @ Monique - It's all good, half the fun is rifling through!

    @ Lollipop - Great minds! Yes, I love it. That's a perfect excuse to buy another one, I'd say ;D Your collection sounds fabtastic!

    @ Jennifer - Yes, in the US I found the heaven that is a CCO and went slightly crazy lmao. Yeah I like that idea, my room is in the middle of being decorated so I'm hoping that I can wrangle a dressing table to put things in!

    @ BBM - I may have to decline that request ;D haha I just wish I had this organisation with the rest of my life lmao

  10. I definitely use a train case to organize most of my makeup! I also started using an old jewelry box and hat boxes to store miscellaneous products. Maybe you should look into storing them in hat boxes, too? That way you'll still have a bunch of randomness but at least it be stored beautifully. :)

  11. I LOVE that box! I'm so jealous and inspired to sort out my mess of a makeup collection.. there's things in there that are ridiculously old! ahhh good job its payday tomorrow!

    Lizzie x

  12. Where is this from?!?! Comment me back on one of my posts where, I need this! x

  13. That is so cute, your make-up storage draws are so girlie, I love it!

    I keep my make-up in a wash bag/case because I have very little. I would purchase more if I had your storage system. :D