OOTD: Sunshine Fridays


Dress: New Look
Jacket: H&M
Sandals: Primark
Sunglasses: Primark
Bangle: Evans
Ring: Evans
Sister: Lawd knows!

I got this dress last summer in a last season holiday shopping panic and due to the deep V front, which I unfortunately can't fill :') I didn't get a chance to wear it. Even with a cami underneath I don't think this dress is for me. Due to the lack of 'bulk' in the chestage area it sags funny at the front and I'm not sure about the length. I do love the feel of it on though, it's a gorgeous light cotton and chest-issue aside, it fits really well. Due to my hands, the elasticated/striped underbust can't be seen. This was the first time I've attempted an OOTD in public and felt a bit silly, hense the awkward stance!


  1. Aw it looks cute on you!! :) You could always have it tailored a bit if you don't like the way it fits! :) and LOL that little girl is toooo funny! haha :)

  2. i think that lil girl is trying to outshine us all ... her pose is so pro! lol ... ure dress screams spring and im lovin it!

  3. Would it fit you better in the chest if your shortened the straps? A lot of times I'll tie knots in tops with thin straps so they'll fit better.

    It looks really cute on you though, loving it with the denim jacket.

  4. @ CurvyGirlChic - She's insane! I had thought about it, or just sewing up the front but knowing me it may just live in my wardrobe forever lol

    @ BBM - I know, right? How dare she! lol thanks bb :D

    @ Bethamint - The straps have the things on like bra straps and I've pulled them tight but it only seems to raise up the back and dig in my shoulders without actually fixing the issue! Thanks bb :)

  5. This outfit is so perfect for spring! It just looks easy and breezy on you! Makes we want to b outside. I like it a lot :) and I really like the shape of your sunglasses!
    Your little sister is SO funny. OMG- cutest thing EVER! haha What a little Diva! :)

  6. Dress looks good and comfy. Well girl I have the opposite problem in the chest area & its no fun. Clothes don't fit me right either! Who is that little cutie in the pink. She is too funny, love the pose. She is gonna be a heart breaker! lol

  7. hahaha your sister is so cool! I love the outfit!!

    I want your jacket lol xxx

  8. LMAO your sister!!!! she is so lovely!! It's sad I don't have any!

    Well, about the whole outfit, it looks good on you! I have nothing to say. Now the most important is that you feeling good in what you wear :-)
    have a nice week end!

  9. You look adorable. Perfect for the nice weather we're having! x

  10. Ooo, so pretty! :D love the dress and the sandals, the whole combo is spot on! :D I feel really summery when I see you in this :D

  11. You look amazing hun! Your sis is too cute, she is such a poser :P x

  12. I think it looks really cute on you :) and I am LOVING the pose ;) Maria xxx

  13. Sooo pretty. Loving those sunglasses!

    xoxo Maria


    and the denim jacket! <3
    and you little sister <3<3<3 haha

  15. I am loving that little girl's post and attitude, she knows how to work it just like you :D
    Loving that white dress, it really suits your figure!
    Devon of fat-nurse.com xx