I'd heard about Graze through other blogs and after coming across a code to get a free box, decided to try it out. Being a broke student, the concept of getting free food was enough to get me interested!

The rating system means it easy to 'bin' things you don't like, in my case olives, and 'love' those you do like, in my case flapjacks, and you can chose whether or not to get a random selection or a selection mostly containing your likes and loves. I chose to get a box filled with likes & loves, it was amazing! The flapjacks and granola seed mix were especially yum. I think my friend & and I defied the fact of it being healthy by inhaling it all within moments!

It all comes beautifully boxed in recyclable packaging and even comes with a personalised book. I realise this sounds like an advert but I was genuinely amazed and impressed by the quality and quantity of what you got for free! I definitely recommend trying it out.

To get a free box & try it out for yourself use the code:


  1. Thanks for the code...Just ordered my first box!!
    P.S. you look gorgeous in the pic below!

  2. I love Graze, I haven't used it in years. Might have to re-invest.

  3. I used to use Graze when they sent fresh fruit. They stopped it and that was the best bloody part of the box, so I don't anymore :(
    Devon x

  4. I've seen this before and liked the look of it but never ordered. Worth giving it a go with a discount code, thanks!

  5. So when you sign up for it do you have to continue to recieve them or can you just have the free box??

  6. @ Laura - Thanks chica! Enjoy, my 3rd box has arrived today :)

    @ daisychain - So far I think it's hit & miss. Second box was awful but 3rd box is fab too!

    @ Fat Nurse - I didn't know that, I can see why as it's postal but that would be good!

    @ Gem - Np chica :)

    @ charmed-chick - As far as I'm aware you can just get the free box by cancelling future boxes!

  7. Ooooh I'm going to give them a go - I need more heathly things to snack on methinks! :D xxxx

  8. I got a free one last year and I agree they are really good especially as they are free too :)

  9. Ahhh thankyou so much for this post - im a new follower of your blog, i bloody love it :) one of my favourite blogs!!!

    I've just ordered my first box thanks to this post, i'd never actually heard of Graze before, so thankyou for introducing me to them! Im looking forward to my nibble box arriving (it should be here tuesday)

    Also, i'd just like to say i think you are absolutely stunning, and your doing us curvier girls proud :):):) xxx