OOTD: Chiffon & Velvet


Please excuse my poor attempt at trying to get an outfit picture. I will get a tripod (or photographer) one of these days...

I adore this blouse, it can easily be dressed up or down and the pussybow adds that little bit of fance when the rest of my outfit is bundled under a coat. I got these Velvet shorts forever ago but have yet to wear them as they're a smidge too tight. I love the texture they add though and I really want to pair them with some sequins!

Blouse: New Look
Shorts: New Look
Tights: Primark
Rings: Evans


  1. You look gorgeous! I love this outfit and your rings are lovely :) xxx

  2. You look drop dead gorgeous! I think this is my favourite outfit of yours EVER! <3

    Maria xxx

  3. you look gorgeous!!! i love this look. i'm thinking of getting the asos velvet shorts!

  4. You look stunning! I love your blouse! Those shorts are gorgeous too. Are Primarks tights true to size?

    P.S. Love the new design layout! And if you get a tripod/photographer send on my way lol


  5. looooove that blouse, I'd quiet like something like that.
    You look lovely

  6. I have been looking at the velvet shorts at ASOS and i think this post made me affirm buying them. You look fierce doll!

  7. I love those shorts! I keep looking at them on the website but restraining myself because they will prob look more like cropped trousers than shorts on me.

    They look fab on you - as I have said before you have AMAZING legs...jealous!

  8. I have those evans rings :)
    I really like your gloss and nail varnish, brings some colour to the look.
    The shorts are cute but I don't think I would be brave enough to bare my legs.

  9. cute top yuo look lovely in it :)

  10. i want those velvet shorts so bad! i saw them on th site at the end of october i think there great if you don't fancy wearing a dress you'll constantly be pulling down, well thats what I'm like anyway :)


  11. Looking good! And look, we both did the shorts and tights thing, love it!

    xoxo Maria

  12. Aw you look so adorable! I love the mixture of fabrics and textures in this outfit :)

  13. Lovely, I am not into white and cream colors, but this look lovely on you. It's a simple but really g´pretty outfit!

    Also I like your new blog layout and header.

  14. You look great! I wish my face had that clear of skin. I also love the blouse with the shorts. I just recently purchased my first pussybow blouse from Evan's, but it's not here yet. Also, those shorts just add an extra richness to the look. :) Love it. Did you do a new banner? I like that, also!

  15. WOW, you look absolutely FABULOUS!=D From head to toe and the make-up as well n_n simply great!=)



  16. Looking stunning here bb! Amazing outfit!! x

  17. Cute top, I too have a liking for pussybow tops. I have the New Look version in longer sleeves in both black and white and a torrid one in red. I like how you paired it with the velvet shorts.

  18. Can I just say you look stunning in that first picture?!! You should be like a model or something... I feel like the last one to find out how gorgeous you are. Also, love the shirt... really... wish I could have seen the shoes

  19. You look so pretty!
    I love the top!

  20. That looks very cute!
    Jan εϊз

    You look GORG!

  22. you look gaw-juz my dear! i miss ure outfit posts! and i love that bow tie top! xoxo!

  23. You look great, hun. I haven't seen your posts on my dash for a while. I, too, am waiting for a tripod so I can take more detailed pics.


  24. you look good girl! luv the look!

  25. @ Caz - Thank you bb! I have a new obsession with rings :$ I've bought far too many recently...

    @ Maria - Oh wow, thank you chica <3

    @ Nicolette - Thanks bb! Do it, you'll look immense.

    @ Neferiti - Thanks :)

    @ LaCara - Thank you chica! LOL I'll post you one of my brothers, they do well enough when they're around ;)

    @ Monika - There's some nice ones in Primark atm!

    @ Stiletto Siren - Thanks bb! I can't wait to how you wear them :)

    @ amonkeyfatshionista - Don't be ridiculous bb, I'm sure they'd look fab! & they're in the sale atm!

    @ Gem - ~great minds ;) Thanks chica. How about velvet leggings instead? I'm thinking about getting a pair.

    @ charmed-chick - Thanks bb! :)

    @ FromGemWithLove - Oh wow, thank you lovely <3

    @ aroselikethis - Yess, they're fab & really easy to throw on with anything. & they would be in the sale now too ;(

    @ Bachman's Sparrow - Love shorts & tights in winter! Thanks chica :)

    @ Gazel M. - Thanks bb

    @ Elizabeth - Thanks lovely!

    @ Katrin - Thank you bb! I didn't know how I was going to feel about the cream with it being a blouse but the slip underneath is fab.

    @ theplussideofme - I did, the old layout was bugging me LOL oo I hope it's arrived now, I love the ones on the Evans site. Thanks bb!

    @ Becky - Oh my, thank you so much lovely <3

    @ Morgaine - Thank you chica :)

    @ The Merry Traveller - oo I'm jealous! I'd really like a long sleeved black one.

    @ QueenDiva - As ridiculous as I think the notion of me being a model is, this compliment has me beaming LOL! Thank you lovely <3

    @ Tiffany - Thanks chica :)

    @ Jan - Thanks bb

    @ Franceta - LOL ty lovely!

    @ BBM - Thank you bb. It's good to see you back to blogging! I'm hoping to do more when I go home for Christmas, I'll have my little minions (brothers) there to use as photographers haha!

    @ Envy Chic - Thanks bb :) I sort of fell off the blogging wagon for a bit there but I hope I'm back on now!

    @ OhSoFabreka - Thank you chica! :)

  26. Ah this looks so good!especially love your eye make-up.
    This was exactly how i was going to pair my shorts 'cause i just bought a pussybow blouse, glad to see it works.

  27. @ Lisa - Thanks bb! oo you need to update your blog with an ootd :D

  28. You are so pretty - scratch that friggin gorgeous! And I love this outfit! It's too cold for me to wear shorts with tights :( But when spring comes, I'm all over it!

  29. Hi, I found my self looking at that first picture of you for a long time, you have such a special quality about you, you really are stunning.

    I love your blog, and am happily following you, and got you on my blogroll :)

    <3 Anika
    Twitter: @AnikaSweetface

  30. Looking fabulous. Can't get it wrong with those velvet shorts. Have u tried boxes for the camera? I'm always shy of a tripod and in need of a photographer myself. Have a great week :)