Want Of The Week

Want Of The Week

Christmas want of the week! I've been an awful good girl, Santa. I promise! ;)

What's on your Christmas list?


  1. Oh what I wouldn't give for one of these...let's hope Santa's listening eh?!

    Have a wonderful christmas m'dear


  2. Oh lets hope Santa is listening. For all my material wish lists, my main wish this Christmas is to have a happy and relaxed Christmas for the first time in 8 years..huge dinner included!

  3. This Nikon is awesome...I just heard of it today on YFF's blog. This camera is also great if you know anything about studio lighting. Anyways another great camera that is just a point and shoot camera is the the Canon Powershot SD1400. The photos are extra crisp and nothing is ever out of focus and its like $250. It is definitely on my Christmas wish list!!!

    Happy Holidays!!


  4. @Danni - You too chica! <3

    @daisychain - That sounds perfect bb! I hope your Christmas wish comes true <3

    @PrettyandPlus - oo I'll have to check it out, I doubt I'll be getting this but I can dream! Merry Christmas chica

  5. That's exactly what I want! Hopefully you get it! :)

  6. Santa here x I have recieved your wish list as well as your brothers and sisters. I will see what I can do but it might have to be a disposable until your birthday !!


    Merry Christmas


    Your very own Santa

  7. My friends and my boyfriend gave me this model for my degree ... and now I love it :)