Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?


This cold weather is ridiculous. It was -7°c when I took my siblings sledging yesterday; painful! But nowhere near as painful as my sledging incident. I may have sliced my butt and destroyed the sled, a pair of tights & some leggings in the process. Attractive, me?

I adore this coat and although it's not as snuggly as my faux fur, it's fabulously cosy and the fit is perfect. Plus it managed to keep me warm, which is more than I can say for my wellies! I think Evans have been on point with outerwear this season, from aviators to parkas they've covered every trend :)

Coat: Evans
Wellies: Clothing at Tesco
Tights: Primark
Rings: Evans

What's your coat of choice this season?


  1. You look great! I love all of the rings! Unfortunately, I ordered a bunch of rings from Evan's, but my order was lost :(. I'll just live vicariously through you on that, haha. I so agree about Evan's outerwear. Any style that you want, you can find.

  2. I do love your coat :)

    My local Evans has moved into BHS, and having done so it's really rubbish. Ruined all the effort and drive the Crystal Renn campaign had, and it's now all v middle age basics. Nothing fashion forward. So disappointed!

  3. I bet that coat looks even sexier in another colour- say red? ;)

    beautiful as always babes, see you tomorrow! :)


  4. i love this coat! duffle coats are the best :)


  5. Goodness, I couldn't imagine having weather that cold. Cold to me is 50 degrees, but luckily you have to gorgeous coats to keep you warm! I really love this coat! The hooks are so cool and the color is nice! Girl you looking good! :)

  6. I love that coat, looks like it will last. Those wellies look great too, I can never find any that fit my chubby legs!
    I had an 'incident' too and now my legs look awful and I have to change my nye outfit plan.
    Hope you feel ok xx

  7. You are like adorable in every way possible! LOL

  8. simply gorgeous as always xx hope your leg heals soon x pitty about the ripped clothes but at least you and your little sis are ok x

  9. love this look! :D and the rings!!!!!! :O LOVE! merry christmas love.

  10. i'm so jealous of your legs... hahaha! you look great! my choice is the black parka, love it!

  11. @theplussideofme - Thanks chica! Oh no, that's poop. I've heard a lot about Evans orders going missing recently.

    @Emma - Thanks chica. I hate when that happens, Dorothy Perkins moved into BHS quite recently & isn't half as good!

    @Sophie - LOL o rly ;)

    @aroselikethis - Yess! Paddington ftw LOL

    @thomessa - I'm so jealous! I'm sick of looking at snow ;( Thanks chica :)

    @Gem - Oh no, I hope you're okay chica. I'll survive ;) LOL Office do some cute short wellies!

    @Franceta - LOL ty ;)

    @anonymous - I wonder who this could be ;)

    @Jennifer - Thanks chica! Merry Christmas to you too! :D

    @daisychain - Thanks bb :)

    @immer - oo I love parkas! Thanks chica :)

  12. LOVE the coat, the toggles are so just so great! And the BOOTS!! I so need a pair for the upcoming snow. LOVE them!