Want Of The Week

Lace Dress

So, I realised my WOTW posts seem to centre around ASOS Curve but there's so many things on there that I love! I remember asking for a dress like this one ages ago, when they were looking for product suggestions on their Facebook Group. So, the fact that it's now available is fabulous! Now lets hope they've listened to my demand for peter pan collars... ;)


  1. I thought my heart would stop when I saw the dress but I have this feeling that the sleeves would be too loose and it would hug my tummy and somehow wouldn't look awesome unless it's fitted just nicely. I still love it though but am going to see if it goes on sale :P

  2. Gosh I'm loving black lace right now too. Beautiful pick!

    xoxo Maria

  3. I saw this. I love it. It doesn't come in my size *sobs*

  4. I am green like the cypress,
    Come, speak, I know your voice.
    You call to the rose, I call to the beloved.
    You are crying, I will also cry.


  5. Sweeeeet.... I can't afford ASOS though :\
    I'll definitely be on the lookout for something similar off the racks though!

  6. love lace ..so i love this!! hope you bought it
    nice blog