30 Days Tag: Day 1 - Your Favourite Song

I'm indecisive. Trying to pick a favourite anything is always hard for me. It doesn't matter if I'm picking an outfit, a film or something to eat, I can never just grab and go. Needless to say, I couldn't pick just one song, so I narrowed it down to 5!

I love listening to wonderfully upbeat tunes but my favourite type of song will always be the slower more depressing kind. I don't know what that says about me as a person, but I have a playlist of 'Sad Songs' that I could listen to all day. Maybe, I'm secretly an emotional mess!

Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin

With Me - Sum 41

With or Without You - U2

Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

Drops of Jupiter - Train

What songs could you listen to on repeat?


  1. Drops of Jupiter- WHAT a TUUUUUUUNE! :) xxx

  2. i love this! ♥ cute idea!


  3. lol, i'm a sucker for the really emo stuff as well. 'never had no one ever' by the smiths is currently playing on a loop in my head these days.


  4. I love Drops of Jupiter too!!

  5. i love 'dark blue' and 'with you.' good choices!

  6. Oooh,I wanna do this, the letter one is great too, but I'm not always so good at putting feelings down in words :) great post! <3

  7. I love Jacks mannequin song! all these songs are nice :)