Shopping The Sales

I am a sucker for sales! I hate that miffed feeling when you buy an item and days later it's half price! So, when the sales roll round it's like Christmas. As most of you may know, it's the UK Blogger Meet-Up in London this weekend, so I've been trying not to spend too much in anticipation for some shopping! I'm far too excited.

OO on the subject of excitement, I was one of the winners of the Clothing at Tesco Twitter competition this weekend! EEEP! Thank you so much Tesco and congrats to the other winners :D

On to the bits and bobs:

TescoSkirts: £2.25 & £4

Dorothy PerkinsCulottes: £12

New LookChinos: £7, Shirt: £10

TK MaxxConverse: £24.99

Sainsbury'sLeggings: £5, T-Shirt: £6 Jeans: £7.50, Boyfriend jeans: £6.50

EvansRing: £2
Tunic/Dress: £15

ASOSGeo Printed Sweat Dress: £6

Fitted Waist Dress: £16
I love this dress! It fits really well and gives an amazing shape. Everyone I've seen it on looks fab in it. Notably, Definatalie and Cupcake's Clothes :)

I also got this dress but I'm sending it back. It was too short and I didn't like it on, probably should have taken Lou's advice! Kimono Sleeve Lace Dress: £13

ASOS is killing me right now, in and out of the sale there's some amazing buys!
Who else got some sale bargains? :D


  1. got some great stuff!! And I totally agree about ASOS. They have amazing stuff!!

  2. Nice finds! especially loving the first 2 skirts and the culottes.

  3. :D Love ALL your finds!
    Too bad the white dress didn't work out.

  4. you are an amazing sale shopper :o! what great finds! xxx

  5. great stuff! i so wanted the kimono dress to look nice! the waisted dress looks fab on you!

  6. Omgosh what yummy finds! Such great prices too, soo jealous!

    xoxo Maria

  7. Wow, great finds! I love the DP culottes!

    I got a good few things from Asos - I can't wait until they arrive! I also have the cream lace dress, but I love it! It is short (I'm 5'81/2" and it's mid thigh - eek!) but with opaque black tights I love it! I wore it to a wedding on the weekend, I have pictures up on my blog here
    Shame it didn't work for you though!

  8. Those Tesco skirts are so cute, god I love me some Tesco clothes. It's a shame you had to send the lace dress back though :( x

  9. WE LOVE your picks that you got! We can't stop shopping the MAJOR sales right now too. Asos rocksssssssss!!! Your style is amazing!
    xo The Beckerman Girls

  10. Woooooooow....great finds!! Im so jealous :P <3

  11. I will BUY those tights off of you in the fifth picture, name your price no joke! LOL... No but seriously I will buy them! :)

  12. gah, I'm so jealous of all your shopping!! you got some pretty cool stuff, love the sweater dress!

  13. Loving all of your new digs! Especially that ring and the tesco skirts, I would even take it another step further and sew some lace or frilly fabric around the bottom. Can't wait to see you rocking these outfits!!

    I caught a bargain, got myself a really nice top, but with one wash it all unravelled. Bummer!

  14. Great buys! You've convinced me to get the asos fitted waist dress. :)

    I was going to get the geo sweat dress too but am concerned about the shape/sizing. If you don't mind me asking, do you find it oversized/like a big tee or is it more a-line? Maybe I should size up/down?


  15. @ Sarah - The sweat dress is like an oversized tee, the sizing is generous, I definitely wouldn't size up :)! I got my regular size and the fit is quite big but that's the way I wanted it. For a slightly less oversized look I'd go a size down. It's slightly A line in that the bottom is a lot looser than the top but I'm not sure if that's due to the shape or my shape. The feel of it is great though, it's quite heavy so sits on really well.

    The fitted waist dress is fabulous too, I love the fit! What colour are you going for? :)

  16. Hey Stephanie, thanks so much for getting back to me! I think I will definitely order a size down and hope for the best. ;)

    For the fitted waist dress, I'm going to go with black. Red does me no favors and I'd like the navy but it's twice as much.