July Snapshot

Wow, I can't believe July is over. Not because it went so fast but because it went so slow I can't believe it was only a few weeks ago that I left college, it seems like a lifetime ago!

Listening to: Eliza Doolittle, B.O.B, Lemar, Missy Elliot, Enrique Iglesias, 3Oh!3

Reading: Cell - Stephen King, I wasn't too impressed. I've only read 3 or 4 but I don't find his books scary enough!

Watching: Big Brother, The L Word, Young, Dumb & Living Off Mum, Underage & Pregnant, Four Weddings & Come Dine With Me... can you tell I love trash TV?

Buying: Shoes! Sunglasses & raiding the ASOS sale.

Wanting: a Mulberry Alexa or a Kensington penthouse...not too much to ask? ;)

Trying: a centre parting, it was a no go!

Loving: our trip to London :)

Planning: Leeds festival!

Making: Sponge cake nom nom nom.

Writing: lists of things to take to uni

Pimping: Bust My Buttons!

Inspired by: A/W collections


  1. July has gone by very fast!
    'Young, Dumb and living off Mum' too funny. I haven't seen this one yet. :D

  2. Totally copying this! I love the idea of a snap shot of your month ;)

  3. i am watching all your tv shows!!! We need to chat loool