Shopping In London

Just in case it wasn't obvious, I love shopping! In fact, I just love shops! Although it's more fun spending money, I could browse all day. So, it was no big surprise that the moment we hit London, Sophie and I hit Oxford Street.

Some of what I picked up over the weekend:
Everyone thinks these sunglasses are horrific but I love them so much!

In Selfridge's I managed to pick up a S.O.P.H.I.E wristband from the Illamasqua counter. For more information on the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, click here

To top off an amazing weekend, I came home to several packages!

5inch New Look wedgesThe cute bag I won from Clothing At Tesco's Twitter
More things from the ASOS Sale! EEP


  1. I love the sunnies!!! :D
    BarryM nail polish is the best!!! :D

  2. love those glasses.
    sooo 80's/90's hip hop!

    barry m nail varnish is amazing!

    also, i adore those buckle wedges!

  3. you scored some great items.. especially the shoes!

  4. Lucky You! I Need Those Sandals From Urban Outfitters!



  5. I just got my Asos parka in the post today! Love getting packages thru the post.

    Great haul.

    Jo x

  6. wow, sunglasses à la Lady Gaga, I like xD
    the nail polish and violet eye shadow are super gorgeous =)
    the sandals aren't really my type, but the 5inch New Look wedges are a pair I need in my life x)
    the zebra striped bow, I like too.

    in short: great London haul. x)

  7. Awesome you go to Leeds Festival!!