OOTD: Retro Feel

Cardigan: New Look
Dress: New Look
Wedges: New Look
Bag: Primark
Earrings: Topshop
Sunglasses: Free with a magazine!

I'm so behind with this challenge! Jennifer is doing an amazing job at completing it! I'm going to use her fabulous posts as inspiration to finish.

The lack of OOTD posts can be accounted for by the fact that I seem to be having a style crisis. I discussed personal style forever ago and the consensus seemed to be that wearing what you want, when you want is still an expression of style. But, I think the time has come where I feel the need to have a singular expression of style, where people can easily identify what is me and what isn't. Rather than just buying whatever I like, regardless of it being cohesive to the rest of my clothes. I'm sorely tempted to strip my wardrobe and start afresh. Gok Wan would come in really useful right now!


  1. you look so pretty! love everything- the cardigan, dress, shoes, shades <3

  2. i need that dress in my life!

  3. LOVEEE the dress, the look is SUPER cute! :)

  4. These pics made me smile :)
    You could always try and make a 24 piece capsule wardrobe like Gok does?

  5. love the dress! it's very miu miu inspired.

  6. You look so cute and retro

  7. love this outfit.
    i have that dress, it's one of my favourite ones.

    i know what you mean about personal style, i always want to be more cohesive and i'll put countless outifts on and take them off again two mins later because i feel like it isn't me.
    But most of the time as long as i'm comfy i'll go with the flow.
    I'm still working out exactly what my personal style is.
    If it can ever be pinned down or defined....


  8. This is so cute, you look like a proper lady! (Not that you aren't, but you get me!)

  9. such an adorable dress! love your style :) <3

  10. That dress is adorable on you. And the bag and shoes are too cute.

    I know what my personal style is (girly) although I don't always dress that way. So maybe you do have an idea what your personal style is, but your wardrobe just doesn't fit into it at the moment.(?)

  11. This is a great outfit. I almost only ever wear short cardis and you have reminded me how great longer ones can be. This matches the dress perfectly and I love the choice of bag and shoes. x.

  12. OWW I love this dress so much. Saw it on some blogs and it is so cute and lovely!! Like your outfit!

  13. This is such a retro outfit, it looks brilliant on you and I love all the little details, especially the sunglasses! :) Sorry I can't come to the blogger meet up, I really hope I can come next time :) I hope you all have fun in London town! :)

    Liz xxx