30 Days Tag: Day 3 - Your Favourite TV Programme

It was too hard to pick a favourite, so I thought I'd cheat and put them all! ;) I'm trying to watch Sex and The City at the moment. I'm only on season 2 and I still can't get into it! Carrie just isn't interesting enough. When it comes to reality shows, I love Come Dine With Me, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Total Wipeout, Australia's Next Top Model and I've just got into Big Brother :)

Gossip Girl

Will & Grace



Queer As Folk

Glee (except Mr Schue)

Modern Family

What's your favourite show? Recommend me something!


  1. modern family is awesome. i love that show... and true blood! can't get enough of true blood!

  2. So funny - I either LOVE these shows - Will and Grace, Queer as Folk, Glee - or have NEVER seen them. Seriously... the shows you have listed I've either never seen, or seen and loved them. I am enjoying this series and can't wait to see more. x.

  3. my favourite is lost! but i loved that you have will and grace up in there!

  4. I really like COme Dine with Me, because I get to see all the things I shouldn't do as a host.

  5. @ Jill - I was going to watch True Blood after I finished Sex & The City but after coming across the rape/hate sex scene from the latest episode I may have to give it a miss lmao D:

    @ Em. x. - Out of the rest that are there, I'd say watch Modern Family! It amuses me far too much

    @ lo - I love Will & Grace! I have all the boxsets :D I've never seen an episode of LOST, now that it's over I may give it a watch lol

    @ Eve - Come Dine With Me has me in stitches! I love the voice-over man so much! There's always one miserable guest who hates life and scores pathetically, so annoying.

  6. come dine with me is brilliant, i love that show! i'm a true blood fan, it's so good! :) x

  7. skins and come dine with me, my mum thinks I should try out for it, no chance

  8. Modern family, the office, that 70s show, true blood, arrested development, party down &friends are my top favorites!