30 Days Tag: Day 4 - Your Favourite Book

I'm late with posting this as I didn't have my laptop yesterday! Oops?

Weirdly, I don't have a favourite book. This is probably a sign that I need to read more. I also need to expand upon the genre of books I read! My favourite types of books are crime thrillers, I love getting immersed in the story and my fear and curiosity usually have me reading them within a day. At the moment, I'm re-reading all of the Harry Potter books as part of an lj-comm to satisfy my inner geek! 8)

Favourite authors atm:

Tess Gerritsen

J.K. Rowling

Louise Rennison

Stephen King

Recommend me a book? I'm up for reading anything but science fiction, non-fiction and Twilight! ;)


  1. Read "A piece of cake" by Cupcake Brown,I just started reading it, and Im not a big reader, but this one is so easy to get into. and very insteresting!:)xoxo

  2. I live for books! I dont have a Tv and even when I did I barely watched it.

    I have read Twilight and while its not the best book of our existence it's a light, fun read.

    I have read the whole true blood series as well and its amazing.

    Other books I love are Choke, Lullaby, the end of alice, and White oleander.

    I am currently reading drinking coffee elsewhere

  3. I'm definitely with you on the "anything but twilight" part xD

  4. Absolutely anything by Paulo Coleho, but especially The Alchemist (learning how to use "roadblocks" to propel yourself to your ultimate goal), The Devil and Miss Prym (are humans inherently evil), and Eleven Minutes (venturing out on your own may be scary, but not impossible). Also, for some strong female protaganists The Fourth Queen by Debbie Taylor and Empress by Shan Sa. And just for funf (it's sort of long, but don't let that stop you cause it's a great read ince you start) The Coldest Winter Ever by Sistah Souljah (sp?)I have loads more suggestions if you're interested, but I don't want to overwhelm. If you want more suggestions email me at llockard2986@gmail.com.

  5. Since you like J.K.Rowling i would recommend her book of fairy-tales. Sorry, but the actual name can not remember.. The book has a few stories with some commentary from Pr.Dumbledore(very very funny) And the fairy-tales themselves are written in a very wise manner...
    You would certainyl love it!

  6. its been so fun to see u doing this challenge girl! im hooked!

  7. @ Bethamint - LOL they're just bad ;(

    @ BBM - Thans bb! <3

    Thank you for all the recommendations, I'll check 'em out! :)

  8. the shining! the shining!
    loved that book.

    i love george orwell, i just read animal farm : )


  9. How about a really good cook book, then maybe bake me some cupcakes, and then send them to my house :D lol